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Financial education news

News on financial education issues and the work of the Westpac Massey Financial Education Centre.

The Fin-Ed Centre in the media

Pocket Money

Juno – How much pocket money should you give your kids?

Dr Pushpa Wood helps tackle the sometimes tough issue.

Counting Money

JUNO - How to talk to your children about money - without nagging!

Dr Pushpa Wood shares some tips on discussing finances with your children.


Juno – How to ditch those bad spending habits

This article includes tips and ideas on how to change your bad spending habits.

Student Loan

JUNO - Should you help pay off your child's student loan?

Dr Pushpa Wood provides some advice on the difficult question of whether to help with paying your child's student loan.

Recording Spending

JUNO - Is a diary the answer to your spending woes?

Dr Pushpa Wood discusses advice from a recent financial capability summit on ways to make a positive financial change including maintaing a spending diary.

Student saving tips

Massive – Student saving tips

Dr Pushpa Wood shares some insight in how students can best manage their money.

Herald – Retirement spending

The New Zealand Herald's article asks 'How much is enough?' and highlights the Fin-Ed Centre's retirement spending survey.

Juno – New Zealand's financial capability

Juno magazine featured commentary on New Zealand's financial capability from the Fin-Ed Centre.

Westpac – NZ ranks no.11 for financial literacy

This article on the Westpac website questions if New Zealand's ranking matches our capability.


Parents can help their children relate to financial concepts by relating them back to daily life, says Pushpa Wood.

Fin-Ed Centre News

Rising house prices and decreasing income lead to decline in home affordability
The latest Massey University Home Affordability Report shows an overall decline in national affordability over the most recent quarter.
Financial Education Centre poised to help Kiwis with new challenges
Massey University's Fi-nancial Education (Fin-Ed) Centre is gearing up to provide expertise and guidance to support Kiwis in making sound decisions.
Covid-19 reveals importance of emergency savings
The importance of being financially prepared for an emergency is one of the key lessons Kiwis learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new...
Partnership for new anti-money laundering course
Lack of knowledge among local businesses about how best to comply with New Zealand's anti-money laundering laws has resulted in financial losses for...
Fin-Ed Centre organises conference to discuss financial capability
Leading financial literacy experts will meet in Auckland this week to discuss the latest research and practitioner knowledge for improving the...
NZ Super is not enough, but most retirees doing ok
The latest Retirement Expenditure Guidelines confirm New Zealand Superannuation is not sufficient to fund the retirement most people want, but most...
Proposed KiwiSaver changes good, but don’t go far enough
KiwiSaver expert Dr Claire Matthews says proposed changes to the scheme being considered by government are a step in the right direction, but could...