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Financial Education (Fin-ED) Centre Courses.Please complete the form below to register in one or more of the current courses offered through the Fin-Ed Centre.

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Group One Courses
Group one courses are suitable for people who want to improve their own knowledge in managing their personal finances. The courses are designed to encourage individuals to gain a better understanding of their own financial health, their understanding of various tools that they can use to take charge of their money. Nb: Prices below are inclusive of GST.
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Registration for online course your pathway to financial success.
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Registration for the online course understanding your financial world.
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Registration for the online course fundamentals of managing your finances.
Group Two Courses
Group two courses are designed for people that want to be involved in facilitating or educating others within their organisation or people within the community. Nb: Pricing below is inclusive of GST ($750 + GST)
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Registration for the course facilitating personal financial management.
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Registration for the course teaching personal financial management (educators).

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