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Understanding housing decisions

This report looks at housing affordability amongst New Zealanders. It is based on a survey conducted in April 2014 amongst a Westpac Bank customer panel asking questions around current home ownership, why some remain in rental accommodation and key concerns for potential and current home owners.

Residential Property Market Report | December 2014

Financial literacy of women

The FinEd Centre has been awarded a grant of over $64,000 to conduct primary research with Maori women to gain insight into their spending habits.

This will help to equip young Maori women with the tools and resources to make wise financial decisions.

Spending Habits of Māori Women (900 KB)

Financial literacy - longitudinal study

Some 300 New Zealanders, aged 18-20, are taking part in a baseline survey of their financial literacy and experience of financial education. The survey, starting in 2012, is being repeated with the same participants every five years for 20 years to understand their needs for financial knowledge at different life stages.

Longitudinal Study Update | February 2021 (541 KB)

Longitudinal Study Update | February 2020 (1,182 KB)

Longitudinal Study Update | January 2019 (3,202 KB)

Longitudinal Study Update March 2018.pdf (861 KB)

Longitudinal Study Update | September 2016

Longitudinal Study | Election Update 2014

Longitudinal Study | December 2013

Longitudinal Study - NGÄI TAHU SUB-COHORT | September 2013

Scenic view of Timor-Leste beach

Financial literacy - Timor-Leste

In an effort to cultivate a culture of financial good health, the government of Timor-Leste made the financial education of its “under-served” people a priority.

Following wide consultation and garnering the support of its financial sector, the government then commissioned the expertise of Massey University’s Dr Pushpa Wood to work with the Central Bank of Timor-Leste to develop a national strategic plan for financial literacy.

PISA results

In July the Fin-Ed Centre ran a half-day workshop in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income. You can see the presentations and an outline of the PISA results 

Competency framework

As a financial education leader in New Zealand, the NZ Fin-Ed Centre has launched an initiative to improve professional standards in the sector. 

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