Creativity in Organisations Research Group (CORG)


Researching the arts-business nexus and how creativity informs organisational and leadership development. We are an inter-disciplinary team of researchers who are working with artists in the community to facilitate artistic and design sensibilities in everything we do. We critically engage with the discourses of innovation and creativity and apply the arts to make organizational lives more rewarding and meaningful. Our work is interdisciplinary and is always engaged with industry and the community, and we collaborate with a wide range of international scholars and artists. 


  • Associate Professor Ralph Bathurst

    Associate Professor Ralph Bathurst

    Associate Professor - School of Management

    Dr Ralph Bathurst is a leadership scholar focusing on the arts of leadership and the aesthetics of organisations.  He has published in Leadership, Journal of Management Inquiry, International Journal of Arts Management, ephemera: theory & politics in organization and Philosophy of Management. He maintains an interest in arts organisations and their sustainability, focusing on how the arts can influence business practice.  

  • Dr Trudie Cain

    Dr Trudie Cain

    Senior Lecturer in Sociology - School of People, Environment and Planning

  • Dr Rand Hazou

    Dr Rand Hazou

    Senior Lecturer - School of Humanities Media and Creative Comm

    Rand is s a Palestinian-Kiwi theatre practitioner and scholarHis research interests lie in theatre that addresses exclusion and engages with issues of social justice. He is interested in how theatre and creativity intersect with human rights, citizenship, and justice. His research on Refugee Theatre has been published in a series of international peer-reviewed journals. He has a developing research profile related to Palestinian Theatre and Arab Theatre. In 2019 he was the co-convenor of ‘The Performing Arts and Justice Hui' which explored the role of the arts and culture in decolonising corrections. 

  • Dr Damian Ruth

    Dr Damian Ruth

    Senior Lecturer - School of Management

  • Associate Professor Janet Sayers

    Associate Professor Janet Sayers

    Associate Professor - School of Management

    Dr. Janet Sayers is interested in the idea of the 'human' in relation to pressures from, on the one hand, technology, and on the other, our relationship with the 'natural' world and ecological crisis. She uses concepts and tools from the humanities, including narrative/story and literature analysis, cultural studies and especially the new wave of critical feminist posthumanism, to critique business challenges in novel and engaging ways to help shift practice towards more sustainable and ethical relations with each other, non-human animals and the larger ecology. She has published widely on technology, diversity, entrepreneurship and non-human animals and organization. 

Publications & Projects


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For enquiries with the group, please contact Dr. Ralph Bathurst.