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Publications and Media

Recent Publications, Grants and Awards

The Healthy Work Group in engaged in the following research areas: workplace bullying, workplace violence, psychosocial hazards and wellbeing at work, occupational health and safety management, sociology of work and wellbeing, precarious and non-standard employment, tourism safety.

Newest Publication - August 2020: The HWG would like to announce the release of our latest report entitled 'The 2019 New Zealand Workplace Barometer'

Report available here: The 2019 New Zealand Workplace Barometer (1,079 KB)

Other Publications - April 2019: View our report entitled 'Understanding Management Competencies for Managing Bullying and Fostering Healthy Work in Nursing'

Report available here:  Understanding Management Competencies for Managing Bullying and Fostering Healthy Work in Nursing (460 KB)

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Healthy Work Group Media

The Healthy Work Group often finds itself in the media discussing new research and the implications our research findings have for practice. Please see some recent TV, radio and print media exposure the group has had through the links below.

Associate Professor Bevan Catley discusses the NZ Workplace Barometer Study:

Bullying in the health sector
Ensuring wellbeing at work

Professor Tim Bentley is on a mission to make work a better experience for people. Through the Workplace Barometer, he is helping organisations identify their risks and improve employee wellbeing.

Radio 531pi interview with David Tappin

Calling All Workers! - Heather with Zoe Port
Kate Bone (2019) - Dependent and vulnerable: the experiences of academics on casual and insecure contracts. 
Kate Bone (2019) - House, children, pets on hold as universities exploit staff.