What is the Healthy Work Group?

The Healthy Work Group (HWG) is based in the School of Management at Massey University.

The HWG have developed a strong research platform for theoretical studies and applied projects in the general area of workplace health, safety and wellbeing, including factors related to the organisational and psychosocial work environment, and the design of healthy work.

HWG research and consultancy is concerned with all forms of workplace health and safety problems including topics such as: workplace bullying; job stress; workplace violence; organisation safety culture; musculoskeletal disorders; and safety, health and wellbeing in industries such as tourism, health, manufacturing and processing, agriculture, construction, forestry, and transport.

The HWG utilises a unique multidisciplinary focus to the study of healthy work, bringing together expertise from across several disciplinary areas, notably: ergonomics and human factors; occupational health and safety; organisation and management; human resource management; applied statistics; and industrial and organisational psychology.  

The HWG’s expertise aligns well with national priorities, as set out in government strategies for injury prevention and workplace health and safety, and is developing excellent government, industry and research partner relationships through its funded research and consultancy.