Health Services Information Group (H-SIG)


To provide a common forum for people interested in research involving health information and health information systems to improve health outcomes. 

The vision of the H-SIG is to encourage and support academia, health service-users, providers, support workers, community and/or population collaboration and/or partnership in applied research. 


  • Prof Hans Guesgen

    Prof Hans Guesgen

    Chair in Computer Science - School of Fundamental Sciences

    My main research interests are in the field of artificial intelligence, in particular in the areas of smart environments, ambient computing and intelligence, knowledge representation and inference, constraint satisfaction, and spatio-temporal reasoning. I have been working in these areas since the early 1980s and have experienced the ups and downs of artificial intelligence, but I have never lost interest in this exciting field of research. Most of my publications are in artificial intelligence, as you can see on Google Scholar. For more details about me, visit my personal website

  • Associate Professor Inga Hunter

    Associate Professor Inga Hunter

    Associate Professor - School of Management

    I came to Massey University from clinical medical practice in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, completed a Master of Philosophy in Information Systems, and joined the Department of Information Systems as a lecturer in 1999. I am now employed as an Associate Professor in the School of Management. I worked part-time for Massey University and part time in clinical medical practice as a senior medical officer at Palmerston North Hospital upto 2019, and now work fulltime at Massey University. My research interests include health informatics, especially electronic medical records, privacy and confidentiality, mobile technology and smart sensor technologies in health.

  • Dr Sunil Lal

    Dr Sunil Lal

    Senior Lecturer in Computer Science - School of Fundamental Sciences

    My research interest is in machine learning with applications in the field of bioinformatics, robotics and brain computer interface.

  • Dr Dick Whiddett

    Dr Dick Whiddett

    Senior Lecturer - School of Management

Publications and Projects

Recent Publications

  • Smith, AJ., Scahill, SL., Harrison, J., Carroll, T., & Medlicott, NJ. (2018). Service provision in the wake of a new funding model for community pharmacy. BMC Health Services Research. 18(1)
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  • Hunter, I., Lockhart, C., Elers, P., Whiddett, D., & Guesgen, H. (2017). Intelligent digital environment for wellbeing and health. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 245, 1229. doi:10.3233/978-1-61499-830-3-1229
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  • Whiddett, R., Hunter, I., Handy, J.  (2015). Integrating Trust, Social Capital, and Social Exchange to Explain Social Media Engagement. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Communication 9(1):9-20 22 Feb 2015
  • D'Souza, JMJ., & Hunter, IM. (2015). Why should I? Acceptance of health information technology among health professionals. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. 216, 962-962 

Professional Publications

  • Morgan-Lynch, S., Hicks, S., Hunter, I., Matthews, L., Fomison, J., Irvine, D., . . . Thomson, F. (2017). Health information governance guidelines. Wellington, New Zealand: HISO, Ministry of Health. Retrieved from
  • Smith B, Mangin D, Hunter I, Jones B, Burgess C, Ingham T, on behalf of the Pharmacovigilance Ethics Advisory Group. Medicine Safety for New Zealanders: Ethical Issues Regarding the Use of Routinely Collected Data from General Practice for Pharmacovigilance (Draft ed.) Ingham T, Jones B, Editors. Wellington: University of Otago; 2012 
  • Haining Ede, G. and Hunter I. Report to MidCentral Health on the Adoption of the National Health Index (NHI) and Discharge Letters by a Small Urban Sexual Health Service. March 2010.                                    

Funding and Grants

  • HRC Explorer Grant 2016-2018. Dr Richard Whidett (SoM), Dr Inga Hunter (SoM) and A/Prof Hans Guesgen (SEAT), Massey University. 16/679: Intelligent Digital Environment for Wellbeing and Healthcare. $150,000.
  • HRC 2006/7 funding round. Prof Tony Norris (IIMS, CoS,  AK, Massey), Dr Inga Hunter (IS Dept, CoB, PN, Massey), Dr Dick Whiddett (IS Dept, CoB, PN, Massey), John Waldon (School of Maori Studies, PN, Massey), Dr Claire Jordan (IIMS, CoS,  AK, Massey). “New Zealanders’ attitudes towards access of Electronic Health Records”, $140,000 plus GST
  • Massey University Research Award (MURA) 2010.  Dr Inga Hunter. Safe information sharing. $9992.73.
  • Massey University Grant Development Fund (MGDF) grant, 2009: Prof Tony Norris (IIMS, CoS,  AK, Massey), Dr Inga Hunter (IS Dept, CoB, PN, Massey), Dr Dick Whiddett (IS Dept, CoB, PN, Massey), John Waldon (School of Maori Studies, PN, Massey), Dr Barry McDonald (IIMS, CoS,  AK, Massey). “Electronic Health Record Use”, $28,000.