Public Sector Management Group


To champion the study of management in public sector within the Massey Business School, with a particular emphasis on sub-national - especially local- government  within Aotearoa/NZ

Public Sector Management group

  • Dr Anna Berka

    Dr Anna Berka

    Lecturer in Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation - School of Management

  • Dr Andrew Cardow

    Dr Andrew Cardow

    Senior Lecturer - School of Management

  • Associate Professor Grant Duncan

    Associate Professor Grant Duncan

    Associate Professor - School of People, Environment and Planning

  • Dr Jeff McNeill

    Dr Jeff McNeill

    Senior Lecturer in Resource & Environmental Planning - School of People, Environment and Planning

  • Prof Richard Shaw

    Prof Richard Shaw

    Professor in Politics - School of People, Environment and Planning

    Director (Arts) - College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    I am a Professor of Politics and the Director BA (External Connections)

Publications & Projects

Recent Academic Publications

  • Brunton, M., Eweje, G., & Taskin, N. (2017). Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility to Internal Stakeholders: Walking the Walk or Just Talking the Talk?. Business Strategy and the Environment. 26(1), 31-48

  • Webster, K., & Cheyne, C. (2017). Creating Treaty-based local governance in New Zealand: Māori and Pākehā views. Kotuitui. 12(2), 146-164

  • Shaw, R., & Eichbaum, C. (2017). Politicians, political advisers and the vocabulary of public service bargains: Speaking in tongues?. Public Administration. 95(2), 312-326

  • Shaw, R., & Eichbaum, C. (2015). Follow the Yellow Brick Road: New Directions in Studying Political Advisers in Executive Government. International Journal of Public Administration. 38(1), 1-3
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  • Duncan, G. (2017). The ‘soft target’ of Labour in New Zealand. In R. Manwring, & P. Kennedy (Eds.) Why the Left Loses: The decline of the Centre-Left in comparative perspective. (pp. 53 - 68). United Kingdom: Policy Press

  • Asquith, AR. (2016). Public sector management in New Zealand’s local government. In J. Drage, & C. Cheyne (Eds.) Local government in New Zealand: Challenges and choices. (pp. 205 - 217). Auckland: Dunmore

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Recent Conference Presentations

  • Asquith, AR. (2017, April). The good, the bad and the ugly: Strategic managerial/political relationships in local government. Presented at 21st International research Society on Public Management Conference. Budapest, Hungary.
    [Conference Oral Presentation]
  • Asquith, AR. (2016, April). Good old #8 wire: Innovation and local government – Kiwi style. Presented at 20th Annual International Research Society on Public Management Conference 2016. Hong Kong, China.
    [Conference Oral Presentation]
  • Duncan, G. (2016, January). Local government reform in Auckland. Presented at Public Policy Network 2016. Sydney.
    [Conference Oral Presentation]
  • Asquith, AR., & Cardow, A. (2015, March). Shaping the future – Re-invention or Revolution: Local government leadership and management in New Zealand/Aotearoa. Presented at International Research Society for Public Management [Conference Oral Presentation]
  • Cardow, A., & Asquith, AR. (2014, November). The current state of public management in New Zealand. Presented at Chongqing Government AND Ningbo Government Delegations, Auckland [Conference Oral Presentation]
  • Asquith, AR., & Cardow, A. (2014, July). The current state of public management in New Zealand. Presented at Beijing Academy of Social Sciences Delegation, Auckland [Conference Oral Presentation]


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