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BN practicum information for clinical agencies

Massey University School of Nursing – Auckland, Manawatū and Wellington

The practice experience is a significant component of the BN programme. It is vital that clinical agency staff has an understanding of the course, the aims and objectives for each year of the programme, and the crucial role clinical agency staff play in the professional development and clinical teaching of our students.

BN programme information for agency staff

This website provides information to agency staff regarding Massey University's Bachelor of Nursing programme. The information here replaces the BN Practicum Folders which have been distributed to every clinical agency in the past, but which will now no longer be utilised and/or updated. Ensuring that all agency staff has access to up-to-date programme information reflects our School of Nursing’s belief that agency staff fills a key position in the educational process of our students. It is essential for us to establish and maintain an effective partnership with clinical agencies and their staff.

Roles and responsibilities of students, CTAs and agency staff

The PDF documents on this site set out students’ responsibilities while gaining experience in the practice environment; outline the role of our Clinical Teaching Associates (CTAs) who are supporting the students; and identify the critical role and responsibilities agency staff has in the students’ learning process.

See also specific information for Year One, Year Two and Year Three.

BN Information for Clinical Agencies (135 KB)

The new BN programme in a nutshell (2017 onwards).pdf (299 KB)

The existing BN programme in a nutshell.pdf (144 KB)

Professional Conduct and Confidentiality Contract 2016.pdf (154 KB)

Glossary of commonly used terms.pdf (100 KB)

Administration of Medications.pdf (126 KB)

Uniform requirements.pdf (124 KB)

Practicum skills and competence expectations.pdf (386 KB)

School of Nursing contact details (479 KB)

Massey University BN practicum

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