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Acidified fruit milk drinks - using pectin

Kit 901

Acidified milk drinks (AMDs) are made by mixing milk with fruit juice to produce a refreshing and nutritious, fruit-flavoured dairy drink. These drinks are popular in Asia and South America and are slowly gaining popularity in New Zealand. This makes the development of acidified fruit milk drinks a novelty topic to teach in the food technology more

Using Xanthan gum -stabilising custard deserts

Kit 902

In the second of the MUFTi series, Xanthan gum is used to provide an example of the role of food additives in the manufacturing of food products. The experiments demonstrate how the stability and shelf life of custard dessert is improved with this commonly used food stabiliser more

Using PGPR – chocolate coatings

Kit 903

In the third of the MUFTi series, the emulsifier PGPR is used to show how the addition of a food additive can be used to control the thickness of a chocolate coating. more

Using Emulsifiers – salad dressings

Kit 904

In the fourth of the Massey University Food Technology information (MUFTi) series, emulsifiers are used in salad dressings to introduce the concept of ingredient functionality in foods, differing processing methods and to learn formal consumer sensory more

Using Alginate – making alginate caviar

Kit 905

In the fifth of the Massey University Food Technology information (MUFTi) series, alginate is used in an example of molecular gastronomy, to produce some unusual food products - cola “caviar” and a ravioli more

Using Carrageenan – making chocolate milk

Kit 906

The flavoured milk market has been a significant section of the dairy industry for decades. Chocolate is produced by adding cocoa powder to the milk for both flavour and colour. One problem with cocoa powder is that it will settle out from the milk and appear as a dark brown layer on the more