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Pectin (MUFTi Kit 901)

Acidified milk drinks (AMDs) are made by mixing milk with fruit juice to produce a refreshing and nutritious, fruit-flavoured dairy drink. These drinks are popular in Asia and South America and are slowly gaining popularity in New Zealand. This makes the development of acidified fruit milk drinks a novelty topic to teach in the food technology class.

The experiment

The technological challenge in manufacturing these drinks is to stabilise the milk proteins to prevent them from coagulating when the milk is acidified by the addition of fruit juice.

The aim of this experiment is to demonstrate

  • The effect of changes in acidity on the stability of milk protein.
  • The effect of a stabiliser (pectin) on the stability of acidified milk.

How it works

  • Using natural products as additives in food production links science and technology.
  • This experiment uses a specialised pectin as a stabiliser in production of acidified fruit milk drinks and will demonstrate the impact of acidity levels on the viscosity and texture of fruit milk drinks.
  • The experiment can be used for testing the acidity levels of the different liquids.
  • The kit contains funnels for conducting viscosity tests.

The Kit

MUFTi Kit 901 contains enough materials for 8 classes of 10 groups per class

Included in this kit:

  • 200g pectin.
  • 10 sample vials (reusable).
  • 10 small funnels (reusable).
  • pH indicator paper.
  • 1 CD (information, instructions and student work-sheets).
  • 3x food colouring.
  • 3x food flavours.
  • 12 pipettes.