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School of Fundamental Sciences staff – chemistry and biophysics

Head of Group

  • Prof Shane Telfer

    Prof Shane Telfer

    GROUP LEADER - ACADEMIC - School of Fundamental Sciences

    Professor in Chemistry - School of Fundamental Sciences


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Chemistry and biophysics expertise

  • Dr Patrick Edwards

    Dr Patrick Edwards

    Technical Director - School of Fundamental Sciences

    My area of expertise is the application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to chemical problems. These include the study of protein structure and dynamics and the structure determination of small organic molecules. I also use NMR to study molecules and (liquid crystal) molecular systems under non quiescent conditions such as high pressure and under shear (rheo-NMR). I have an emerging interest in NMR based metabolomics. As Manager of the BioNMR facility, I am responsible for keeping the highly sophisticated equipment running to specification, and for training students and others in its use.

  • Associate Professor Vyacheslav Filichev

    Associate Professor Vyacheslav Filichev

    Associate Professor - School of Fundamental Sciences

  • Prof David Harding

    Prof David Harding

    Professor of Separation Science - School of Fundamental Sciences

    Harding has been involved in a number of projects involving synthetic organic and analytical chemistry with projects ranging from new chromatographic procedures (one patent still delivering royalties to Massey University in 2019) to drug delivery. Despite receiving NZ grants and strong endeavours to support NZ industry and Crown Research Institutes over the years, Harding has had greater success overseas. Currently (2019), he is involved in hydrogel drug delivery systems, nematode (worm) eradication and pain reduction in dealing with farm animals. He is involved with a dental surgery project in the United Arab Emirates and has research projects in Egypt.

  • Dr Elena Harjes

    Dr Elena Harjes

    Senior Lecturer in Biophysics - School of Fundamental Sciences

    I am a NMR spectroscopist with expertise in protein and nucleic-acid structural biology. Through my scientific carrier, I have used advanced NMR techniques to connect structures and dynamics of disease-relevant proteins to their function. Area of my special interests are  double sword APOBEC proteins, which can mutate viral DNA to protect us against pathogens, but at the same time they can mutate human DNA and cause cancer development and cancer evolution as well as drug resistance in cancers. We are working to find inhibitors of those proteins to transform cancers from the terminal disease to the manageable condition

  • Prof Geoff Jameson

    Prof Geoff Jameson

    Professor in Structural Chemistry and Biology - School of Fundamental Sciences

  • Lisa Kent

    Lisa Kent

    Research Technician - Biophysics - School of Fundamental Sciences

  • David Lun

    David Lun

    Research Technician - Chemistry - School of Fundamental Sciences

  • Dr Karen Lyons

    Dr Karen Lyons

    Senior Tutor - School of Fundamental Sciences

  • Dr Lauren Macreadie

    Dr Lauren Macreadie

    Lecturer in Chemistry - School of Fundamental Sciences

    Our team is interested in the creative design of supramolecular functional materials, such as coodrination cages and metal organic frameworks (MOFs). These functional materials have internal pores and act as sponges. Our research looks into manipulation of those pores for specific applications, such as hydrocarbon separations, gas storage and molecular sensing. We are interested in creating functional materials for direct implementation in industry, and work with a broad group of researchers internationally to help make this a reality.

  • Prof Paul Plieger

    Prof Paul Plieger

    Head of School of Fundamental Sciences - School of Fundamental Sciences

    Dr Plieger is currently the acting Head of the School for the School of Fundamental Sciences

    Dr Plieger is a trained inorganic synthetic chemist specialising in ligand design, synthesis and functionality. He has strong research interests in anion encapsulation, supramolecular cages, nanomagnets and beryllium coordination chemistry. 

  • Dr Allan Raudsepp

    Dr Allan Raudsepp

    Research Officer - School of Fundamental Sciences

  • Victoria-Jayne Reid

    Victoria-Jayne Reid

    Research Technician in Chemistry - School of Fundamental Sciences

  • Associate Professor Gareth Rowlands

    Associate Professor Gareth Rowlands

    Associate Professor - School of Fundamental Sciences

    Gareth is a synthetic chemist who specialises in the chemistry of [2.2]paracyclophane and asymmetric catalysis but basically enjoys making molecules. He is happy to try his hand and synthesising anything and has worked with sulfoxides, N-oxides, carbon materials, palladium complexes, and the synthesis of various nitrogen-containing (pre)ligands.

    Gareth teaches into all the organic chemistry courses at Massey but is known to most students through his efforts in the first year first semester chemistry offering where he is continually trying to convince everyone that everything is organic chemistry.

  • Dr Rob Ward

    Dr Rob Ward

    Postdoctoral Fellow - School of Fundamental Sciences

    I am an experimental physicist. My work focuses upon microfluidics, optical tweezers, and micro-rheology.

  • Associate Professor Mark Waterland

    Associate Professor Mark Waterland

    Associate Professor - School of Fundamental Sciences

    I have been on the academic staff in the Institute of Fundamental Sciences since 2003. In 2012 I was promoted to Associate Professor. I led the development and introduction, in 2009, of the Nanoscience Major in the BSc programme. I received my BSc(Hons) (1st Class) from the University of Otago in 1995 and my PhD, also from Otago, in 1998. My research interests include the development and characterisation of carbon nanomaterials and the application of Raman spectroscopy to complex analytical problems.

  • Dr Catherine Whitby

    Dr Catherine Whitby

    Senior Lecturer in Chemistry - School of Fundamental Sciences

    Catherine is a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, appointed in late October 2014. Prior to this she was an ARC Future Fellow and Senior Research Fellow at the Ian Wark Research Institute at the University of South Australia. She is a physical chemist with expertise in colloid and surface chemistry. She uses nanomaterials to modify the chemistry of drop and bubble surfaces. This strategy enables her to control the structure, stability and flow of soft materials. Her findings have been applied in food and pharmaceutical products and in drilling fluids.


  • Prof Bill Williams

    Prof Bill Williams

    Professor in Biophysics and Soft Matter - School of Fundamental Sciences

  • Nessha Wise

    Nessha Wise

    Senior Tutor - School of Fundamental Sciences

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