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Dr Shahista Nisa PhD, BScHon

Research Officer

School of Veterinary Science



  • Doctor of Philosophy - Victoria University (2010)
  • Bachelor of Science with Honours - Victoria University (2006)

Research Projects

Summary of Research Projects

Position Current Completed
Project Leader 1 3

Research Outputs


Bolwell, C., Gee, E., Adams, B., Collins-Emerson, J., Scarfe, K., Nisa, S., . . . Benschop, J. (2022). Longitudinal Testing of Leptospira Antibodies in Horses Located near a Leptospirosis Outbreak in Alpacas. Veterinary Sciences. 9(8)
[Journal article]Authored by: Benschop, J., Bolwell, C., Collins-Emerson, J., Gee, E., Gordon, E., Nisa, S., Rogers, C.
Wilkinson, DA., Edwards, M., Benschop, J., & Nisa, S. (2021). Identification of pathogenic Leptospira species and serovars in New Zealand using metabarcoding. PLoS ONE. 16(9 September)
[Journal article]Authored by: Benschop, J., Nisa, S.
Springer Browne, A., Midwinter, AC., Withers, AH., Cookson, AL., Biggs, PJ., Marshall, JC., . . . French, NP. (2021). Transmission Dynamics of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli in New Zealand Cattle from Farm to Slaughter. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 87(11), 1-16
[Journal article]Authored by: Benschop, J., Biggs, P., French, N., Marshall, J., Midwinter, A., Nisa, S.
Benschop, J., Nisa, S., & Spencer, SEF. (2021). Still 'dairy farm fever'? A Bayesian model for leptospirosis notification data in New Zealand. Journal of the Royal Society Interface. 18(175)
[Journal article]Authored by: Benschop, J., Nisa, S.
Nisa, S., Wilkinson, DA., Angelin-Bonnet, O., Paine, S., Cullen, K., Wight, J., . . . Benschop, J. (2020). Diverse epidemiology of leptospira serovars notified in New Zealand, 1999-2017. Pathogens. 9(10), 1-17
[Journal article]Authored by: Benschop, J., Nisa, S.
Nisa, S., Bercker, C., Midwinter, AC., Bruce, I., Graham, CF., Venter, P., . . . Wilkinson, DA. (2019). Combining MALDI-TOF and genomics in the study of methicillin resistant and multidrug resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius in New Zealand. Scientific Reports. 9(1)
[Journal article]Authored by: Benschop, J., French, N., Midwinter, A., Nisa, S.
Nisa, S., Martinez de la Peña, CF., De Masi, L., Mulvey, G., Tong, J., Donnenberg, MS., . . . Armstrong, GD. (2016). BfpI, BfpJ, and BfpK Minor Pilins Are Important for the Function and Biogenesis of Bundle-Forming Pili Expressed by Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli. Journal of Bacteriology. 198(5), 846-856
[Journal article]Authored by: Nisa, S.
Nisa, S., Wilson, N., Boyd, M., Baker, MG., & Clement, C. (2016). Did exposure to a severe outbreak of pandemic influenza in 1918 impact on long-term survival?. Epidemiology and Infection. 144(15), 3166-3169
[Journal article]Authored by: Nisa, S.
Nisa, S., Kessler, R., Hazen, TH., Horneman, A., Amoroso, A., Rasko, DA., . . . Donnenberg, MS. (2015). Diarrhea, bacteremia and multiorgan dysfunction due to an extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli strain with enteropathogenic E. coli genes. Pathogens and Disease. 73(8)
[Journal article]Authored by: Nisa, S.
Nisa, S., Long, TM., Donnenberg, MS., & Hassel, BA. (2014). Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli inhibits type I interferon- and RNase L-mediated host defense to disrupt intestinal epithelial cell barrier function. Infection and Immunity. 82(7), 2802-2814
[Journal article]Authored by: Nisa, S.
Nisa, S., Blasche, S., Mörtl, M., Steuber, H., Siszler, G., Schwarz, F., . . . Kögl, M. (2013). The E. coli effector protein NleF is a caspase inhibitor. PLoS One. 8(3)
[Journal article]Authored by: Nisa, S.
Nisa, S., Hazen, TH., Assatourian, L., Nougayrede, J-P., Rasko, DA., & Donnenberg, MS. (2013). In Vitro Evolution of an Archetypal Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Strain. JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY. 195(19), 4476-4483
[Journal article]Authored by: Nisa, S.
Nisa, S., Blokpoel, MCJ., Robertson, BD., Tyndall, JDA., Lun, S., Bishai, WR., . . . O'Toole, R. (2010). Targeting the chromosome partitioning protein ParA in tuberculosis drug discovery. JOURNAL OF ANTIMICROBIAL CHEMOTHERAPY. 65(11), 2347-2358
[Journal article]Authored by: Nisa, S.
Nisa, S., Miller, CH., Dempsey, S., O'Toole, R., & Jack, C. (2009). Modifying culture conditions in chemical library screening identifies alternative inhibitors of mycobacteria. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 53(12), 5279-5283
[Journal article]Authored by: Nisa, S.


Nisa, S., Scanlon, K., & Donnenberg, MS. (2013). Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli. Escherichia coli: Pathotypes and Principles of Pathogenesis. In MS. Donnenberg (Ed.) Escherichia coli: Pathotypes and Principles of Pathogenesis.
[Chapter]Authored by: Nisa, S.


Benschop, J., Collins-Emerson, J., Aberdein, D., Haack, N., Moinet, M., Nisa, S., . . . Heuer, C. (2018). Emerging sources and pathways for leptospirosis. 2018 Conference Proceedings of the Epidemiology and Animal Health Management Branch of the NZVA. (pp. 71 - 72). : 2018 NZVA conference
[Conference Paper in Published Proceedings]Authored by: Aberdein, D., Benschop, J., Collins-Emerson, J., Nisa, S., Vallee, E., Weston, J.
Moinet, M., Wilkinson, D., Nisa, S., Haack, N., Oosterhof, H., Aberdein, D., . . . Benschop, J. (2017). Is mammalian wildlife a source of leptospira infection in livestock in New Zealand?. , 10th International Leptospirosis Society Conference
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Aberdein, D., Benschop, J., Collins-Emerson, J., Nisa, S., Vallee, E.

Teaching and Supervision

Summary of Doctoral Supervision

Position Current Completed
Co-supervisor 2 0

Current Doctoral Supervision

Co-supervisor of:

  • Abbie Uy - Doctor of Philosophy
    Under ascertainment of Leptospirosis in Maori and non-Maori in Taranaki
  • Maryna Sokolova - Doctor of Philosophy
    Changing epidemiology of Leptospirosis in New Zealand, with a focus on the novel strain of Leptospira Borgpetersenii sv Tarassovi.

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