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Herbarium news and publications



Sultan, A., J. A. Tate, P. J. de Lange, D. Glenny, J. J. Ladley, P. Heenan, and A. W. Robertson. 2018. Host range, host specificity, and regional host preferences of Korthalsella Tiegh. (Viscaceae) mistletoes in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 56: 127-162.

Prebble, J. M., H. M. Meudt, J. A. Tate, and V. V. Symonds. 2018. Bolstering species delimitation in difficult species complexes by analyzing herbarium and common garden morphological data: a case study using the New Zealand native Myosotis pygmaea species group (Boraginaceae). Systematic Botany, 43:1-24.



Badry, M.O., D. M. Crayn, and J. A. Tate. 2017. Recognition of Hibiscus diversifolius subsp. rivularis (Bremek. & Oberm.) Exell (Malvaceae) in Australia. Austrobaileya 10: 113–120.



Katagiri, T. 2016. On the type specimen of Trichocolea elegans Colenso (Trichocoleaceae, Marchantiophyta). Hikobia 17: 109112.

Sato, T. and T. Katagiri. 2016. On the presence of Haplomitrium minutum (Haplomitriaceae, Marchantiophyta) in Japan. The Bryologist 119: 332–340.  DOI: 10.1639/0007-2745-119.4.332


Prebble, J. M., J. A. Tate, H. M. Meudt, and V. V. Symonds. 2015. Microsatellite markers for the New Zealand endemic Myosotis pygmaea species group (Boraginaceae) amplify across species. Applications in Plant Sciences 3(6) DOI:


Zhong, B., R. Fong, L. J. Collins, P. A. McLenachan, and D. Penny. 2014. Two new fern chloroplasts and decelerated evolution linked to the long generation time in tree ferns. Genome Biology and Evolution 6(5):1166–1173. DOI:

Van Etten, M. A., G. J. Houliston, C. M. Mitchell, P. B. Heenan, A. W. Robertson, and J. A. Tate. 2014. Sophora microphylla (Fabaceae) microsatellite markers and their utility across the genus. Applications in Plant Sciences 2(3):1300081. DOI:


Van Etten, M. A., A. W. Robertson, and J. A. Tate. 2013. Microsatellite markers for the New Zealand endemic tree Fuchsia excorticata (Onagraceae). Applications in Plant Sciences 1 (10): 1300045. DOI:


McLay, T. G. B., J. A. Tate, and V. V. Symonds. 2012. Development of microsatellite markers for the endangered root holoparasite Dactylanthus taylorii (Balanophoraceae) using 454 pyrosequencing. American Journal of Botany e323–e325. DOI:


Sultan, A., P. R. Johnston, D. Park, and A. W. Robertson. (2011) Two new pathogenic ascomycetes in Guignardia and Rosenscheldiella on New Zealand's pygmy mistletoes (Korthalsella: Viscaceae). Studies in Mycology 68: 237-247. DOI:


Henderson, R.C., A. Sultan, and A. W. Robertson. 2010 Scale insect fauna (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Coccoidea) of New Zealand's pygmy mistletoes (Korthalsella: Viscaceae) with description of three new species: Leucaspis albotecta, L. trilobata (Diaspididae) and Eriococcus korthalsellae (Eriococcidae). Zootaxa 2644: 1-24.


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