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Specialist Sensory and Consumer Science Services

Feast offers a range of services tailored to support food companies, large and small. Successfully developing product concepts that consumers want and meeting expectations in terms of flavour, texture and quality to gain repeat purchase is a challenge. However, we can design consumer and sensory testing that will provide informed insights to succeed.

Here at Feast, our experts have years of experience at the cutting-edge of sensory and consumer science and have supported companies across the globe. Why not tap into our expertise? Take a look at some of the options we offer or get in touch with the Feast team to discuss your particular needs.

Answer Key

Developing consumer products can often present multiple paths. Oftentimes, the easiest way to decide which path to take is to ask your consumers what they think. Putting a small selection of targeted questions in front of your consumers to get answers quickly will help you get on the right path to creating great things for your consumers.

Our approach

Presentation of up to 12 survey questions to your consumers to expedite your progress.

Your gain

Answers to any 12 questions presented in an easy-to-follow presentation.

Concept Champion

Ideas, ideas and more ideas! When there are so many ideas to pick from, picking the right idea for your product may pose challenges. Putting all your great ideas in front of consumers easily allows you to see the best ideas float to the top.

Our approach

Presentation of your ideas to consumers through our survey process to measure consumer indication of idea ranking, purchase intent, purchase frequency and fit to brand.

Your gain

A recommendation for ideas you can confidently move forward with.

Product Boost

Product Boost can give your concept, product and/or packaging a boost using thorough conversations with consumers to hit the ultimate targets that only consumers can reveal.

Our approach

Focused conversations with target consumer groups to gain solid insights into your product category, concept, product and/or packaging to boost your ideas to please the widest range of consumers.

Your gain

Consumer opinion trends of your product category, concept, product and/or packaging with recommendations for improvement.

Flash Prototype

Flash Prototype can push your product into a more acceptable space…fast.

Our approach

Combined use of qualitative and quantitative techniques, consumer groups are scheduled to allow for ideas to flow from one group to the next. Suggested product changes from one group inform the products that are evaluated by the next group. Ideal for products where bench-scale prototypes can be made quickly.

Your gain

Fast, real-time feedback to help you design an optimised product as directed by your consumers.

Sensory Scope

Flavours and texture in foods can be tricky to put into words. This is our specialty! When you need the right words to describe flavours and textures, Sensory Scope can do just that.

Our approach

Specially trained people describe flavour and textures to inform product differences, the range of flavours and textures within a competitive landscape or how ingredient/processing changes impact your product.

Your gain

Vocabulary used to describe flavours and textures as well as key flavours and textures that differentiate products. A visual map of relative product placement.

Consumer Compass

Consumer Compass uses consumers as a way of guiding product development and provides indisputable evidence for how your product ranks against other products.

Our approach

Up to four products evaluated by target consumers to give you confidence in what attributes push a product to be most
liked, what prototype to move forward with or why that pesky competitor is stealing your market share.

Your gain

Product performance ranking for up to four products, diagnostics for reformulation, open-ended likes and dislikes and purchase intent.

Subtle Switch

Subtle Switch can confirm if swapping out an ingredient or process makes a noticeable difference to consumers.

Our approach

Consumers compare your new product against a gold standard product to determine if ingredient or process change(s) result in a noticeable difference.

Your gain

Certainty in how an ingredient or process change impacts your product.

Master Blueprint

Master Blueprint is the ultimate road map to developing a new product or renovating a tired one. If you have limited information about your competitors and want your product to be on top, this is the place to start.

Our approach

Combination of consumer feedback with specially trained panelist data on a wide range of competitor and/or prototype products to gain detailed insight into what product attributes drive a product to be most appealing to your target consumers.

Your gain

Clear targets for efficient product development and confidence in your way forward.

Life Span

Ensuring a delicious product is as delicious at the end of its shelf life as when it is first made is critical to product quality. Life Span can help set an appropriate shelf life so that your product is exactly how intended throughout its life.

Our approach

Fresh product compared to product at different ages to determine when differences can be detected.

Your gain

A shelf life that you can be confident provides consumers a similar experience throughout your product’s life span.

On the Dot

Encounters with consumer products are dynamic. On the Dot measures product characteristics as they happen over time to provide delicious product descriptions and identify unique selling points.

Our approach

Specially trained panelists identify product characteristics as they experience them over time. This can range from measuring the intensity of one single attribute over time, such as minty in a chewing gum, to the dominant flavours/textures experienced from start to finish.

Your gain

Insight into the sensory journey experienced over time to pull out unique product characteristics and descriptions.

Double Check

Double Check offers a final check to make sure that products perform as well as you hope when consumers do it their way.

Our approach

Product placed in consumers’ homes to use how they see fit. Gather information at the start, middle and end of using the product through an extended period of time.

Your gain

Real world product performance at initial introduction and after repeated usage for up to two products. Diagnostics for reformulation if repeated product exposure provides less than stellar results, open-ended commentary to enlighten you to preparation alterations or additions.

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