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Feast’s facilities are future-facing

We have state-of-the-art consumer and sensory science facilities on the Massey University campus in Papaioea Palmerston North.

To see a map including directions, please view the file below.

Map_Directions2FeastLab.pdf (334 KB)

Mixed Reality - Immersive Space

We have the only immersive room in a consumer testing lab in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This immersive environment allows us to mimic different eating places such as a café, hospital ward, or a home. You could even test food “in space” or "in the mountains".

Immersive Room - Kitchen
Closeup Cake
Immersive Room - Maheeka supermarket

To find out why context is essential in our research, we invite you to read this blog post: Context in Consumer Testing

In short, where you eat and how it feels changes how you feel about what you eat. Our immersive room can look like a supermarket, and yet, it is still scientifically-controlled.

Mixed Reality - HoloLens

Another way we can change the environment in which panelists test products is with our HoloLens.

HoloLens - Catriona looking to side
HoloLens - Saleh
HoloLens - Catriona drinking

The HoloLens is a pair of mixed reality glasses. Holographic digital content blends seamlessly with the real world. The consumer is immersed in the environment relevant to the study’s focus. This helps us get responses that are similar to responses consumers would have in real life.

Our research page has a video if you want to find out more. Feast's Research Page

Laboratory kitchen

Our very spacious laboratory-kitchen features state of the art equipment for preparing samples and cooking a wide range of food products. Its arrangement is quite flexible. And we can easily serve our panellists.

Kitchen - aroma arm
Kitchen - close up jam on scale
Kitchen - cooking
Kitchen - write on whiteboard
Kitchen - hatches
Kitchen - burger closeup
Kitchen - Cat at bench
Kitchen - green smoothie


Our 12 more traditional booths have been designed to ISO-standard. 

These booths are temperature controlled. They can also accommodate any colour of lighting. This helps to mask appearance differences if that is required by the study.

Also, our booths having a communication system means that researcher and panellist can communicate easily.

One booth is wheelchair accessible.

Booth - samples
Booth - picking red lighting
Booths - with blue light

Focus group rooms

No sensory facility would be complete without spaces that can be used to train panels or for focus group sessions. These rooms have video conferencing and recording. This allows for clients to observe our research in action.

Computer set up
Focus group - Emily and group
Focus group - Jen and Amanda

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