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FoodPilot case studies

Here are some of the FoodPilot projects that we’ve undertaken for clients and how they’ve found the experience.

The FoodPilot’s experts and facilities makes product dream come true

Quinoa puffs The FoodPilot’s expert technologists helped Kate and Hamish Dunlop develop product recipes and processing methods to create their Natural Quinoa Puffs snack range. A variety of ingredients such as pumpkin and broad bean flours were formulated in with the quinoa to address quinoa’s underlying earthy, bitter notes but also to achieve a better texture and structure to the extruded snacks. In addition, the FoodPilot’s extruder was the perfect machine to conduct all the experimentation as it is a scaled-down version of most commercial extruders therefore transitioning the process to the Dunlops’ manufacturer was seamless. The result of all this work at the FoodPilot? Crunchy, tasty, wholesome Quinoa Puffs, available at your local supermarket!


The FoodPilot converts desires and ideas into reality

Native hard sparkling “We take our hats off to you, Native Apple & Feijoa” is the The Spinoff magazine’s declaration of their top choice in a blind tasting of new to market, spirit-based RTDs.  Young brand Native have a lot to be proud of: taking an idea through to launch in less than a year, with the support of the FoodPilot. The successful development of Native’s hard sparkling lies in the great relationship and trust they had with the FoodPilot. “A lot can be said about the support we have had to get to where we are now, however a key point to raise that comes from all 4 of the Native co-founders is that we always had confidence in the FoodPilot. It was new territory for us to cross, yet the FoodPilot and Massey were professional, easy to approach and collaborative with channeling our desires and ideas into a reality,”



The FoodPilot went well beyond what we had anticipated!

Kaitahi Multi-award winning Kaitahi as One have big ambitions.  What started as an opportunity to create healthy kai and jobs for the iwi have led them to successful product launch of frozen smoothy drops with some help from the FoodPilot at Massey University. “There is no word other than amazing for what they have been able to do for us. We are all new to food manufacturing, so we have so many questions. In fact, we didn’t even know what all the words were in this business! We had an idea, so the learning curve to make it real and get a product onto shelves was immense. The team at FoodPilot explained everything and went well beyond what we had anticipated. They took us patiently through all the technicalities and have come up with incredible solutions to every challenge.”.



The FoodPilot enabled Pāmu to convert deer milk into high value powder

Pamu deer milk The first New Zealand deer milk to be exported for use in the Asian cosmetic industry as well as local fine-dining restaurants, was developed and processed at the FoodPilot. Pāmu’s relationship with the FoodPilot spans many years of research and development to get to this world first launch. “Massey FoodPilot supported and enabled Pāmu to process Pāmu Deer Milk into high value powder. Deer Milk has a completely different composition to bovine milk, as such, processing comes with its challenges, the product behaved differently at each step of the handling process. A notable hurdle was the absence of equivalent “Deer Milk” regulatory standards, therefore producing compliant product was an ambiguous task, due to a world first innovation.”.