Seed Testing Service

seedlings.jpg We provide an independent seed-testing service offering a wide range of seed-quality assessment tests. We are accredited by the International Seed Testing Association and provide tests for clients including seed companies, farmers, research institutes, small businesses and individuals. We export to more than 75 companies, providing international certificates.

Our expertise 

Seed quality tests for:


A key test, particularly for exports. A seedlot is broken down into one sample of approx. 2500 seeds and another of approx. 25000 seeds. The smaller sample is weighed then reweighed after removal of different seeds and inert matter. The larger sample is then checked for other contaminants.


We aim to give the seed owner the best result that can be expected from a seedlot, using a variety of methods to ensure optimum germination.

Seed weight/seeds per kilo

We provide seed weights and seeds per kilo for planting information.

Seed identification

We hold an extensive reference collection and can identify many hundreds of seeds.

Moisture test

Measurement of seed moisture content can inform likely seed storage performance and pre-storage history.  We use the air oven testing method to provide accurate and repeatable results that can be used with confidence as the basis for seed trading standards.

Vigour tests

Vigour tests provide information about the potential of a seedlot to perform in the field and in storage.

Tetrazolium viability test

This is a quick method of testing the viability of seedlots and their potential germination.

Health tests

We offer a number of different health tests including botrytis in onion seeds.

Hot water treatments

This test is done on Brassica sp., usually cauliflower, to kill black rot on the seed.


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