2015 Funding Decisions

Thanks to our sponsors the Working Dog Centre is pleased to announce that we will be proving over $35,000 worth of funding for five new research projects in the area of working dog health.

The funded projects include:

  1. A 12 month study to describe the activity level of working farm dogs. 
  2. A study of farmers reasons for not neutering their working farm dogs.
  3. Ex-vivio evaluation of the abilitity of evaluation of a calcaneo-tibial screw to stabilize the talo-crural joint in dogs
  4. Assessment of the extent to which current laws, policies, and practices regarding access to public transport incorporate concerns regarding the wellbeing of assistance dogs.
  5. Investigation of the components of the renin-angiotensin system in canine vascular tumours.

The Centre has one funding round each year. If you wish to find out more about applying for funding then please feel free to contact Nick Cave 

Contacts Details

Nick Cave 
Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine & Nutrition
+61 6 350 5329