Andrew Worth awarded a PhD looking at Degenerative Orthopaedic disease

Andrew Worth has completed a PhD into Degenerative Orthopaedic disease as it affects working German Shepherd Police dogs.

His research focussed on hip dysplasia and lumbosacral disease which were identified as leading causes of retirement in Police GSDs. Radiographic screening programs were investigated and evidence of their effectiveness quantified resulting in recommendations for changes in the way Police dogs are screened for hip dysplasia using the PennHIP system. Investigations into the effect of extension on foramina volume revealed the dynamic nature of the lumbosacral junction and the association of foramina narrowing with degenerative lumbosacral stenosis.

The effect of position of the lumbosacral junction was shown to affect dogs following annulectomy. The same volumetric analysis was used to determine the medium term-outcome of lateral foramenotomy, a procedure to widen the narrowed foramen.

Finally a novel surgical procedure was developed and trialled to stabilise the lumbosacral junction and prevent motion which would cause foramina narrowing. The approach utilised rapid prototyping and 3D printing technology. 

Andrew Worth