Gazza, New Zealand Police dog.

The unfortunate death of Gazza, the Police dog shot while on duty in Porirua in April is very sad. Gazza was not only a well-trained, experienced and talented police dog he was also a star on TVNZ’s Dog Squad. He was the 24th Police dog killed on active duty in NZ, and he is a huge loss as a stud dog as a part of the New Zealand Police dog breeding program.

The Working Dog Centre has a close and ongoing working relationship with the Police Dog Training Centre, providing advice and support for the breeding program and health care. We recognize the risk to dogs and their handlers when on active duty, but an event where there is the loss of a dog is always a shock. There has been a small private memorial held for Gazza in recognition of his ability and inopportune death. He will also be honoured by an inscribed plaque on the memorial wall at the Police Dog Training Centre. Our thoughts are with Gazza’s handler Josh Robertson, and with the Police dog sections around the country.