VetEnt donation boosts Working Dog Centre

Veterinary group VetEnt has made a significant donation to Massey’s Working Dog Centre. The gift will support research into disease, injury and illness of working dogs.

Massey University’s Working Dog Centre was established in 2008 and is unique in New Zealand. It seeks to improve the health and working life of New Zealand working and service dogs by undertaking cutting-edge scientific investigations. Centre director Andrew Worth says many valuable working dogs are lost to industry through diseases and work-specific injuries: “There are thousands of working dogs in New Zealand from police dogs, guide dogs for the blind, search and rescue dogs and of course farm dogs. They often suffer specific injury and illness due to the nature of their work and very little research has been published on these animals – often these very valuable dogs have a premature retirement or may be euthanized due to their illness or injury - that is where the Working Dog Centre at Massey comes in.

The Working Dog Centre funds research to investigate and potentially solve some of the many ailments of working and service dogs. Recent examples of our work includes lumbosacral disease in Police dogs, gastric bloat in farm dogs and elbow dysplasia in Labradors. We are very grateful to have the support of VetEnt, their donation will allow us to undertake more studies to prevent and treat illness and injuries which significantly impact on the health and happiness of working dogs in New Zealand.”

Massey alumnus and CEO of VetEnt, John Harrison, says: “Many of our patients are working dogs and they are crucial to the farming industry which supports us. We value the work that is done at Massey into treating and preventing illness in these animals and are only too happy to support the work of Andrew and his colleagues through the Massey Foundation and look forward to a long relationship with the Centre.”

VetEnt is one of New Zealand’s leading veterinary practices with 25 clinics around New Zealand. It promotes the successful economic development of New Zealand’s farming industries through the provision of quality veterinary service, knowledge and products.