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Working Dog Centre News

The National Service Dog Dermatology Survey

Monday 25 November 2019

The National Service Dog Dermatology Survey is currently underway. It has been developed by Helen Orbell and Craig Griffin of Animal Dermatology Clinic, NZ ( and by Vicki Erceg of the Working Dog Centre . .. Read more

Training treats for New Zealand police dogs

Thursday 14 November 2019

A study is currently investigating training treats for New Zealand police dogs. The aims are to find out what percentage of the dogs’ diets are made up of training treats, and which training foods are best for New Zealand police dogs. .. Read more

Vicki Erceg has officially been appointed as the National Police Dog Coordinating Veterinarian.

Thursday 24 October 2019

Over the last nearly 20 years, Vicki has worked at Massey University with the New Zealand Police Dog Section. In her role on the Massey University Working Dog Centre’s board, and as a member of the Police Dog Breeding Panel, she works to help keep the Police Dog population of New Zealand in tiptop condition.  .. Read more

Researching the effects of nutriceuticals on joint disease in Huntaways

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Joint diseases are very common in working farm dogs, with 1 in 4 having some joint abnormality on physical examination, and as many as 1 in 5 being lame to some degree. Most joint diseases are traumatic in origin, but hip dysplasia and lumbosacral disease in Huntaways are likely to have a significant heritable component .. Read more

How thin is too thin?

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Low body condition, and perceived difficulties putting on weight, are two of the most common health concerns that owners have of their working farm dogs. The question “How thin is too thin?” is simple, frequently asked, and yet we lack objective evidence to answer. 

It is axiomatic that there is a point where muscle and fat mass is so low that risk of injury, disease, and early retirement increases, .. Read more

News Archives

 Centre to benefit from partnership with Royal Canin
Tuesday 12 June 2018
Royal Canin has signed an agreement to partner with the Massey University  ...

 Modelling the German Shepherd lumbosacral spine and pelvis
Monday 12 December 2016
Developing a preliminary model of the German Shepherd lumbosacral spine...

 Working Dog Centre Research Colloquium 
Friday 2 December 2016
Centre held its second research colloquium at Massey University ...

 Funded research projects (2016)
Monday 17 October 2016
In 2016 the Centre has funded three new projects. The projects are focused  ...

 Andrew Worth Speaking Engagements
Monday 19 September 2016
Andrew Worth was invited to speak at the 2016 Australian Sheep Veterinarians Conference  ...

 Gazza, New Zealand Police dog
Monday 20 May 2016
The unfortunate death of Gazza, the Police dog shot while on duty in Porirua ...

 2015 Funding Decisions
Monday 30 November 2015
Thanks to our sponsors the Working Dog Centre is pleased to announce ...

 Working Dog Centre crosses the ditch
Monday 23 November 2015
Massey postgraduate student Nic Patterson working with researchers ...

Dogs in warfare  Dogs in warfare
Thursday 19 November 2015
Many people are aware that dogs have played an important role in detecting explosives ...

What makes a working dog excellent?  What makes a working dog excellent?
Wednesday 18 November 2015
The School of Veterinary Science has funded a PhD project to investigate what makes a working dog...

 Andrew Worth awarded a PhD
Friday 6 November 2015
Andrew Worth has completed a PhD into Degenerative Orthopaedic disease as it affects working German Shepherd Police dogs...

 VetEnt donation boosts Working Dog Centre
Monday 13 April 2015
Veterinary group VetEnt has made a significant donation to Massey’s Working Dog Centre...

 A survey of dogs in the South Island of New Zealand for prevalence of positive MAT titres to Leptospirosis and urine shedding of Leptospira organisms
Thursday 19 March 2015
Farmers are all aware of the significance of Leptospirosis in cattle, but...

 Kennel cough, what’s new?
Tuesday 17 March 2015
Canine infectious tracheobronchitis, canine infectious respiratory disease (CIRD) or ‘kennel cough’, is a disease of multifactorial aetiology especially affecting dogs housed intensively...

Dogs Of Huge Value On Farms  Dogs of huge value on farms
Tuesday 17 August 2014
2014: Research by Dr Naomi Cogger is confirming the huge contribution that working dogs make to farms. ...

  Centre receives support from Merial Ancare
Tuesday 17 April 2014
2014: A sponsorship agreement has been signed between Merial Ancare and the Working Dog Centre ...

  USAR dogs to receive support from the centre
Tuesday 19 March 2013
2013: An agreement has been signed between the NZ Urban Search and Rescue association and the Centre. ...


News from around Massey

Mandarin, mountain and muscle research funded
Thursday 15 December 2016
The development of new online Chinese language learning tools is one of three Massey University research projects awarded Catalyst: Seeding funding...
Dog mastitis study wins 3MT master’s final
Friday 26 August 2016
Canine mastitis researcher Siti Anurddin's study on what causes the potentially fatal condition has won the Massey University final of the...
Assistance dog worth her weight in gold
Monday 15 February 2016
We all know the saying - dogs are a man's best friend. Now that friend is being put to work, with assistance dogs proving vital in rehabilitation and...
Rescue workers trained to treat injured search dogs
Friday 4 July 2014
Urban Search and Rescue workers have received training to treat injured working dogs at a Massey University course this week, prompted by the dangers...
Working dogs in spotlight
Tuesday 5 March 2013
Latest research into the health of service and working dogs will feature at this week's World Small Animal Veterinary Association conference in...