Working Dog Centre crosses the ditch

Massey postgraduate student Nic Patterson working with researchers from the Working Dog Centre survived people who attended the 2015 Australian Kelpie Muster at Casterton to determine the prevalence of diseases and injuries in Australian farm working dogs. New projects are always exciting but this one is even more so as it is the first time detailed health data has been collected on an Australian working dog population.

To collect the data a three part questionnaire was used. The first section collected basic information about the dog owners and their property. The second collected demographic information for all dogs more than a year of age that had been on the farm in the previous 12 months and the final section focused on adverse health events for all these dogs. The decision to ask about dogs on the farm on the past 12 months was to ensure that we did not underestimate the prevalence of health events with a high mortality.

With the data collected we are now crunching the numbers and look forward to be able to compare the findings to work conducted in New Zealand.

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Senior Lecturer
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