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Enrolling in the Master of Veterinary Medicine

MVM entry requirements

You can study in Massey University’s Master of Veterinary Medicine (MVM) programme if you meet the entry requirements below. All the requirements are straightforward, and most students meet them with little or no trouble. We can advise you if you're not sure.

We also recommend that you are working as a veterinarian when you enter this continuing-education programme. The programme is intended to extend practicing veterinarians' knowledge rather than retrain those wishing to return to practice.

Qualifications available within the MVM programme

A MVM Certificate of Proficiency allows you to complete one or two 700 level taught courses to help you establish whether online study is a good fit for you. Other qualifications include the MVM Postgraduate Certificate of Science and Technology (PGCertScTech) (60 credits) and an MVM Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Science (PGDipVSc) (120 credits). The highest-level qualification is the Master of Veterinary Medicine (MVM) (120 credits, which includes an 800 level research report or practicum).

Enrolling is a two-step process, you will need to choose one of these qualifications and then choose your course/s. You can contact us for help at any time. Feel free to contact us when you have enrolled.

Course structure for Master of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary degree requirements

You can study in Massey’s MVM programme if you meet any of the following requirements.

Male veterinarian with horses

Domestic students

  1. Check if you meet the MVM entry requirements. See link below
  2. Have you studied courses or qualifications at Massey University before? If yes, apply for enrolment. As a returning student please use your original student ID. You will very likely need to get a new password – please follow the steps to do this. If no, go to question 2.
  3. Are you a New Zealand citizen? If yes, apply for enrolment. If you gained your veterinary degree at an overseas institution you will be required to submit additional documents – these are outlined as you go through the enrolment process. If no, go to question 3.
  4. Are you a New Zealand resident (with a New Zealand resident’s visa) or an Australian citizen? If yes, go to question 4. If no, follow the instructions for new international students.
  5. Do you currently live in New Zealand? If yes, apply for enrolment. If no, go to the guide to MVM enrolment for new international students. If you have any questions, please contact us.
International veterinarian

International students

From Canada, Australia, the US and Ireland, to Singapore and Thailand, veterinarians from all over the world have studied towards the Master of Veterinary Medicine.

There are different requirements and processes for international students.

Please review the information below to see how this applies to your particular situation.

MVM entry requirements

Apply for enrolment

Fees - Master of Veterinary Medicine

At Massey University, students pay tuition fees and non-tuition (administrative) fees. Below are provisional tuition fees for 2022 MVM courses. Non-tuition fees range between $200-$400 NZD; they vary according to where you live and how the examination is delivered.

Remember that international students living outside NZ are not liable for GST. Domestic students are subsidised by the NZ government and pay GST if they live in NZ Fees (combined tuition and non-tuition fees) include the cost of:

  • In-depth teaching and study support over the course duration (usually eight months)
  • Printed study guides, posted to you
  • Access to online teaching material and discussion areas (no software required).
  • Registration for the contact workshop (contact course), including practical sessions
  • Access to the library, including online journals
  • Fees do not include the costs of textbooks that you may need to buy (some courses only), or travel, accommodation and meals to attend the contact workshop.

International Distance student (ex GST)

MVM 15 credit course (e.g. 118761): $7,300.00
MVM 45 credit capstone course (118851 and 118853): $15,991.31
MVM 60 credit capstone course (118852): $21,321.74

International Distance Fees

Domestic Distance student (incl GST)

MVM 15 credit course (e.g. 118761): $1,652.07
MVM 45 credit capstone course (118851 and 118853): $4,956.22
MVM 60 credit capstone course (118852): $6,608.30

Domestic Distance Fees

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