MVM experiences

Student feedback on the MVM programme:

"That was probably the best continuing professional development course I have ever done."

"I gained a huge amount from this paper and am enjoying using what I learned in practice. I will definitely consider doing more papers in the future."

"Liz is the most dedicated and conscientious educator I have ever struck. These papers are excellent to brush up on areas you feel rusty in, explore an area of interest, or just a great way to get a post-grad qualification while working."

"The cases at the contact course were excellent in helping me understand what I had been reading … in my case, the information doesn’t really go in until I apply it."

"These courses jump-start me to review subjects in a more systematic and sustainable manner—hopefully well beyond the duration of the courses."

"This is my 5th MVM paper. I have found the papers really beneficial. The more you learn, the more you start to see. My only complaint is that it was not available when I was a new grad."

Student comments on Courses

Avian Medicine 

"Just wanted to say it was awesome meeting everyone (well, nearly everyone) at the contact course. It's nice to have faces to put with the postings now!! Thanks also to Brett (and Linda and co). The course was fantastic!"

"The course has been the highlight of my veterinary year and I've enjoyed it immensely - a big thanks for all the effort you have put in to have created such a stimulating course and to have steered it so well.  I'll be strongly recommending it to anyone who has an interest in avian/exotic medicine."

Cardiorespiratory Medicine

"With the end of the paper just a few days away, I'd like to say its been great learning from Gil, and the paper has been very enjoyable. The way it has been run has made it easy to do more study on a quiet week and less on a busy week when the kids are on holiday. I have already told my colleagues that this paper is well worth doing, so I hope to see it offered again in the future."

"Doing this paper has been very informative and in-depth. It is so great that we can learn a subject in this detail and still stay working. I am applying what I have learnt every day in general practice."

"I wanted to say thanks for running a really interesting course, I have learnt heaps and am now finding cardiology a bit less scary.  Thanks to your great introduction to echos I am not as scared to pick up the ultrasound probe and have a go."

"Fantastic course. Finally start to comprehend cardiorespiratory medicine."


Cattle lameness

“Thanks for the course, very interesting and changed the way I think about lameness problems so definitely worth doing.”

“Just a quick note to say thanks to Richard, Kristina, Linda and everyone else for making this course thought provoking and enjoyable. It has certainly had me thinking differently about my lameness cases and has renewed my interest in all things feet.”

Clinical Pathology 

"I thought the course was fantastic, and everything that I have learnt is being put into practice at work. I am now the 'go to' girl for cytology and blood results."


"Thank you Mandy for such a fantastic course. I was surprised to find out recently that this is the first time that the paper has been run - it has been so good I thought you must have done it many times over! I will certainly be highly recommending it to other MVM-ers."

"It was a huge privilege and pleasure to take the Dermatology paper! Thank you for sharing your immense knowledge with such generosity, passion and flair. I look at a dermatology patient with a lot more confidence now as my diagnostic approach has gained much more structure and clarity."

"This course has been fantastic! I have gained heaps from it. I picked this paper because at the start of the year I felt like every itchy dog was being sent home on preds and antibiotics with some mutterings about food trials but not really knowing how to approach any of this... Definitely now I can offer our clients much better, with a better approach to diagnosis as well as management and use the current evidence to base treatment on."

Diagnostic Imaging

"Diagnostic imaging has been a very enjoyable and informative course. The work requirement, if not at times a little overwhelming, has been greater than with any other course I have done, but the rewards equally have been more as well."

"Thanks for your time over the last 9 months. I have certainly appreciated it and enjoy looking at radiographs with a more critical eye, though it hasn't been easy seeing all those lovely digital images pass across my screen!"

"I enjoyed the contact course and gained a lot of practical experience, which only immersion in 'reading rads' with a good teacher and willing classmates can do."

Emergency Medicine

"This is the first paper I have done, and I approached it with nervous anticipation, wondering if I would be able to find time to fit study in. Thank goodness I did - it has been so worthwhile. I can honestly say I am now rarely overwhelmed by after hours emergencies, and my approach is so much more methodical."

"Thank you Dez and Sarah for your knowledge, time, dedication and enthusiasm. The lines "what's gonna kill it first" and "always cross reference your findings" are now permanently embedded in my brain!"

"I really appreciate all these presentations and different ways of presenting the material. It allows all of us to learn within our own learning preferences. This course is fantastic, and the best I have attended on line. Very much in awe of all the work that has gone into it."


"At the beginning of the course, I said, 'In particular, one of my goals is to learn how to manage my feline diabetic patients better than I do now …'. While these patients can still be a challenge, I feel I now have the tools to manage them competently and confidently. That sums up the year for me."

"I feel like I've learned heaps about endocrine as well as about writing scientifically! Endocrine cases don’t fill me with dread any more. I've also added a few to my differential list that I never had before."

"It’s good to know that the issues I’ve had treating these animals occur even with the experts. I am now better able to explain to clients the reality of endocrine disease – that a course of tablets won’t just fix it! Thanks, Liz, for your unwavering enthusiasm and amazing knowledge of small animal medicine."


"Thanks very much for the case compilations, they're awesome! I was struggling to find something the other day (I knew we'd discussed it!) so it's making life much easier. Thanks also for your tutoring on the course, I've really enjoyed the cases and the discussion from everyone."

"Have really enjoyed the course Bill and have learned a lot. Not just about GE (though there was plenty of that) but, perhaps more importantly for me, a better appreciation and discretion in finding, reading, evaluating, summarising and incorporating relevent scientific papers to the topic at hand."

"I feel a lot more confident about approaching cases at work, which of course was the plan."

"It was a great course, I learnt heaps. It also really helped the critical thinking bit."


"I had such a cool case today, an 11–12 year old Labrador with fatigue on exercise. As soon I saw it walking, I recognized a lower motor neuron gait. Neither my colleague nor I had seen a myasthenia case before. Thanks to this course, I recognized the gait and got on the right track quickly."

"I have really enjoyed studying this paper. Your goal that I would not cringe but be excited when a wobbly dog came in has been achieved! I feel much more confident approaching these cases now."

"When I was a student, I knew my neuroanatomy well. However, I remember (even after 20 years) sitting in a lecture thinking 'I know neuroanatomy, and I know how to do a neurology exam, but I don’t know how to link the two up' … You have a wonderful ability to simplify a difficult subject: your ability to answer our discussion questions simply was great. Thank you!"

"I have just finished the neurology course, which was excellent and have even been able to answer some colleagues' questions on clinical problems already, which previously I would have just answered "I dunno!"  I recognise a great need to improve my professional development in lots of areas and think these courses are a great way to provide knowledge which can be applied in day-to-day work."


"It goes to show why we do MVM papers.  There is nothing like an MVM paper to bring all the most interesting things across our paths! All last year while doing Oncology, we saw cancer patients that we had never seen before, and here I go again with endocrinopathies."

"Last year I did my first MVM paper (oncology), which I found extremely interesting and enjoyable."

"Oncology is my third MVM paper. I completed the neurology and ophthalmology papers last year and was hungry for more."


"On call over the New Year's weekend and had some good cases, including ophthalmology cases that now make a lot more sense now that this course has been digested and understood!"

"Thank you for a wonderful year and a remarkable learning experience. I was reading the introduction that I wrote at the beginning of the year. I said I wanted to develop my ophthalmology skills and knowledge so I could diagnose and treat my patients better—and also stimulate some atrophied brain cells. I have certainly achieved these goals, and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. In particular, I want to thank you for your replies to my postings and your input into my cases. Your prompt, thorough, and professional replies, as well as your endless patience, have been superb."

Orthopedic Surgery

"Thanks to Mike for keeping the pain levels down through the year. This was a great paper from which I learned a lot. Your balance of letting us ramble and keeping us on the straight and narrow was perfect."


“I thoroughly enjoyed myself and found each and every talk had relevance, as well as being interesting and entertaining!
 It has opened up a whole raft of new ideas, collaborations, clinical applications that I can take away with me.”

Soft Tissue Surgery

"The Soft Tissue Surgery course was very valuable for me. It gave me a lot more confidence in all parts of soft tissue surgery. The closure of wounds as well as the different dressings made me far more adventurous. It helped with removal of lumps on hard-to-close areas. My ability to predict possible outcomes and problems and explain it clearly to the owners was enhanced. It is much easier now to raise realistic expectations.

Starting with more basic things like placement of feeding tubes the course progressed through the different organ systems and areas of the body. It was very good to get deeper knowledge into the reasons and current discussions about different surgical procedures. There was a huge amount of background information which helped the final decision making. A lot of the surgical procedures covered occur in any first line practice. The course also extended into more specialist areas. This helped stretch the imagination of what is possible and again made it easier to give owners choices about the treatment of their animals that were realistic.

The very frequent webinars helped to enforce and extend the reading material. Pictures and videos were used to make sure that information was well explained and could be retained. Discussion with other participants about a large variety of cases shared everybody’s experience within their practice and how the solved problems.

Having a 4 day contact course with large amounts of practical work on its own is already worth starting this course. Being able to practice procedures under the guidance of an experienced surgeon increased the value of the course and I would suggest to anyone to make sure that they do attend the contact course.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone with interest in soft tissue surgery, whether they are reasonably new graduated or have been in practice for a long time."

Principles of Veterinary Epidemiology

“ .. if I'd have known what I know about the paper now… this would have been the FIRST paper I would have taken. This paper really gets down to the nitty gritty of not just being able to design a great research project, but also teaches you how to properly critically evaluate the literature. This is an invaluable skill for both me as a clinician, and (as of next year) a researcher!”

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