Non-standard applications

In addition to the standard application for selection there are three non-standard application options: Treaty of Waitangi, Minority Group and Special Consideration.  The application options available to the three applicant groups are as follows:

Domestic applicants – standard and all non-standard options

Group 1 International application – standard or special consideration

Group 2 International applicants – standard option only

All applicants must meet the minimum selection requirements regardless of whether they are a standard or non-standard applicant.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade may support the education of up to two students from approved foreign nations without a veterinary school (NZ Aid Scholarships). These students will be selected in the same way as domestic students. 

Treaty of Waitangi

In recognition of Massey University’s commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi, and a desire to increase the number of Maori in the veterinary profession, an applicant who is of Maori descent may apply for special consideration for selection to the BVSc programme.  Special consideration may be granted to those students who can demonstrate they are an active member of their Maori community.  Applicants would need to include:

  • A personal statement detailing their activity in their Maori community;  
  • Demonstration of their ethnicity verified by an appropriate individual; 
  • At least two references – at least one of which must attest to their activity in the Maori community, and one of which must not be from within their immediate family.

Please note, their community is defined as the one in which they have current access to, not necessarily that determined by their iwi affiliation. 

Minority Group

An applicant who is a member of a minority group, believing their recorded academic performance does not accurately reflect their true academic potential, may apply for special consideration of their application for selection.  To apply they would need to attach details on a separate sheet stating the minority group to which they belong, and how their membership of that group may have depressed their academic performance.  At least two references of an academic nature must be filed in support of such an application. Minority groups from overseas will not be considered as the selection committee cannot adequately assess these groups. 

Special Consideration

A candidate who believes they have been subject to extenuating circumstances causing their recorded academic performance not to accurately reflect their true academic potential may apply for special consideration for selection to the BVSc.  The special circumstances category is only intended to allow for consideration of personal circumstances that are not covered by the impaired performance/aegrotat system (i.e. ongoing medical problems, multiple events in a semester etc). 

The first point of call for an acute personal circumstance that has impaired preparation for, attendance at, or performance on an assessment should be the impaired performance/aegrotat application system. The committee with not extend special consideration to issues that they deem to have been adequately covered by the impaired performance/aegrotat system or that the student should have applied for impaired performance/aegrotat consideration but did not.

To apply for special consideration the applicant would need to submit:

  • A personal statement detailing the extenuating circumstances under which they are applying for special consideration,  and explaining how it depressed their academic performance
  • Verification of their extenuating circumstance(s) MUST be supplied in support of such an application.  The appropriate verification would vary by circumstance but would usually be a medical professional (doctor, counsellor etc) and would follow similar guidelines to aegrotat/impaired performance applications. Verification by family members or friends is not deemed adequate.
  • Attach a copy of their transcripts.

Applicants granted special circumstances consideration will not usually be elevated from non-selection to selection, but rather the committee may elect to remove grades from their GPA calculation for future selection consideration, thereby basing future selection only on grades from unimpaired semesters.  In the event of exclusion of one or more semesters of grades on the basis of special circumstances, the applicant must have completed at least two unimpaired semesters to assess at a future selection.

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