Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS) applicants

The Veterinary Medical College Application Service allows North American residents to apply for places in the Massey University veterinary programme. Alternatively applicants can apply directly to Massey University.

The Application Process

There are essentially two major steps in gaining entry to the Massey University Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc).

  1. Application for Admission to Massey University (via the International Office)

  2. Applying for selection into the veterinary programme (BVSc). Selections are made by the Veterinary School Selection Committee.

VMCAS applicants apply for admission to Massey University and selection into the veterinary programme (BVSc) simultaneously via their supplemental application.

As a VMCAS applicant you will need to apply for one of the international places at Massey University.

Application Deadlines

The VMCAS online application deadline is usually October 1. You must complete and submit your online VMCAS application by or before the deadline. Find out more about the VMCAS application.

The supplemental application to the BVSc and associated documents must be received by Massey University by November 15.

Please note – there is no fee for the supplemental application for VMCAS applicants to Massey University.

Application Checklist for VMCAS Applicants

  1. Complete your VMCAS application online by the VMCAS deadline
  2. Download and complete the supplemental application form for admission to Massey University.
  3. Have original transcripts from all the institutions where you have completed post-secondary study, sent directly to the International office at Massey University, or attach SEALED original academic transcripts or certified copies of original transcripts to your application.
  4. Attach copies of the course syllabus or course content descriptions for any biology, general or organic chemistry or physics classes you have completed that might either partially or wholly be credited for any of the pre-requisite classes shown below. 
  • 123.101 Chemistry and Living Systems
  • 124.111 Physics for Life Sciences
  • 162.101 Cell Biology
  • 199.101 Animal Biology

Please note, classes taken at high school are not eligible for credit for these pre-requisite classes. An exception to this is Advanced Placement (AP) courses taken in high school that you have been given university credit for and is shown as such on an official transcript.

The table below shows some basic guidelines for courses that will be considered equivalent to these pre-requisite courses.

Massey University Class

Classes Required for Credit

Chemistry and Living Systems

General chemistry + Organic chemistry

Physics for Life Sciences

1 year of physics (i.e. first year physics series)

Biology of Cells

Cell (molecular) biology +/– First year biology series

Biology of Animals

Animal biology / vertebrate zoology

5. Request ETS to provide your GRE score directly to Massey University. 

The Institution code for Massey University is 3194 and the department code is 0622. 

6. Attach a certified copy of either your passport or birth certificate. 

7. Request your English language proficiency scores (either IELTS or TOEFL) be sent to Massey University. For applicants from countries where English is the recognized first language this requirement is waived (i.e. USA, Canada, UK etc). 

8. Complete and attach a declaration that you do not have any criminal convictions witnessed by a notary public, justice of the peace, a solicitor or a commissioner of oaths. The witnesser must use an official stamp (in English) on the front of the document and sign and date the document. The Criminal Conviction statement should be as follows: 

"I, (NAME), solemnly and sincerely declare that I have not been convicted of any criminal offence which might prejudice my future registration as a Veterinarian." 

To certify copies of documents(i.e. birth certificate, passport, transcripts) : photocopy both sides of all pages and take both the originals and the copies to a notary public, justice of the peace, a solicitor or a commissioner of oaths and get them to verify that the copy is a true copy of the original. The certifier must use an official stamp (in English) on the front of each page, sign and date the document. Agent certification is not generally acceptable. The certified copies should be posted to the International Students Office as faxed or emailed documents will not be accepted. 

9. Evidence of at least ten (10) days work experience in a veterinary clinic is required. Most VMCAS applicants meet this requirement through their VMCAS evaluation forms (aka eLOR’s). If you do not believe that any of your eLOR’s sufficiently covers this requirement you should submit a signed letter from a veterinarian (on their clinic letterhead) stating you have completed at least ten (10) days work experience at their clinic.

Sending in your application

Your supplemental application for admission to Massey University as well as transcripts, GRE score, criminal declaration and copy of your passport/birth certificate should be sent to the International Office by November 1. The International Office manages all aspects of the process for admission to Massey University. Their postal and physical addresses are:

Postal Address
International Office
Massey University 
Private Bag 11 222 
Palmerston North 4442

New Zealand Physical Address (for courier)
International Office
Massey University 
Tennent Drive 
Palmerston North 4442
New Zealand

If you have questions

Please email any questions regarding your VMCAS application to Massey University to the International Student Liaison for the vet school. 

Important Notice

  • Massey has different rules and policies relating to enrolment and other matters for the New Zealand Government Subsidised student (domestic student) pool compared to the non-New Zealand Government Subsidised student (international student) pool.
  • The student will inform Massey University immediately if the student attains New Zealand Resident status.
  • If the student obtains New Zealand Resident status the student will no longer be considered in the international pool for selection, but will be considered in the domestic pool for selection.
  • Competition for places in the BVSc for the domestic student pool may be different to competition for places in the international student pool and different rules and policies may apply to enrolment in each pool in successive years.
  • If the student becomes a New Zealand resident student in successive years of the BVSc, their ability to continue in the program depends on the applicable Massey University and New Zealand Government policies at the time.
  • If the student does not continue to study in the BVSc for successive years for any reason then the student will not be able to re-enrol in the BVSc unless and until there is a vacant place available for the student in the class. Please see the transfer and re-entry policy for more guidance on this matter.

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