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Dr Kerri Morgan

Bachelor of Veterinary Science
Wildlife veterinarian

Saving kiwi and other creatures from the brink of extinction is just part of everyday life for Kerri Morgan at Wildbase, Massey’s wildlife health centre.

Kerri graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from Massey in 2002. She started her career as a mixed practice vet working on everything from hamsters to bulls. 

But she began to specialise in native wildlife when she became Massey’s first-ever resident in avian and wildlife health. The survival rate of injured kiwi brought into Massey has increased from 25% to 80% since Kerri started. 

Kerri’s reputation is so good that Wellington Zoo borrowed her for a while to look after some of its exotic animals. 

Now, as well as being a hands-on avian and wildlife vet at Wildbase, Kerri is a senior lecturer at Massey, and for her PhD has been researching ways to fight coccidiosis, a disease that affects kiwi in captivity. 

Kerri is also an expert in responding to animals that have been affected by oil spills, and has been to spills in Australia, South Africa and Spain. Kerri’s team are world experts in this area, and she was one of the leaders of the response to the oil spill from the container ship Rena. If there’s an oil spill, Kerri will be leading NZ’s oiled wildlife response team.