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Adult Learning and Literacy Research Group ALCR: Adult Literacy and Communication Research Group


Professor Frank Sligo Prof Frank Sligo’s research interests are in the knowledge-behaviour gap, and community and workplace literacies including apprentices’ literacy and managerial literacy.

A/Prof Margie Comrie’s research interests are in media and political communication and related issues of social participation, health literacy and media literacy.

Dr. Elizabeth Gray researches written and oral communication competencies in the workplace, with a particular interest in communication apprehension.

Dr Mingsheng Li Dr Mingsheng Li has research interests in language acquisition, intercultural communication, and migrant studies.

Dr Niki Murray has research interests in all aspects of adult literacy; a specific interest in persistence, stress and coping in adult learning; quantitative methods and analyses.

Dr Elspeth Tilley researches the discourses that shape postcolonial cultures, including particularly racialised, class-based, and gendered discourses, and their manifestations across fields including literacy, public communication, and popular culture.

Dr Franco Vaccarino Dr Franco Vaccarino’s research interests are in adult literacy, family learning and literacy, prisoners’ literacy, and intercultural communication.

Dr Bronwyn Watson Dr Bronwyn Watson is interested in researching the impact of life-long learning and literacy on health in relation to ageing, especially through qualitative research.

Associate Members

Fiona Shearer Fiona Shearer's current doctoral research is a discourse analysis of adult literacy recruitment practices


Research Specialisations

Apprentices’ literacy

Prof Frank Sligo, Dr Elspeth Tilley, Dr Niki Murray

Communication apprehension

Dr Elizabeth Gray

Communication ethics

Dr Elspeth Tilley

Critical discourse analysis

Dr Elspeth Tilley

Cultural studies

Dr Elspeth Tilley (esp. discourse and power in postcolonial cultures)

Intercultural communication

Dr Mingsheng Li, Dr Franco Vaccarino

Family learning and literacy

Dr Franco Vaccarino

Health literacy and health communication

A/Prof Margie Comrie, Dr Niki Murray, Prof Frank Sligo, Dr Elspeth Tilley

Knowledge-behaviour gap

Prof Frank Sligo

Language acquisition

Dr Mingsheng Li

Life-long learning, literacy and health

Dr Bronwyn Watson

Literacy, health and ageing

Dr Bronwyn Watson

Literacy recruitment

Dr Elspeth Tilley

Managerial literacy

Prof Frank Sligo

Media and political communication

A/Prof Margie Comrie, Dr Elspeth Tilley

Media literacy

A/Prof Margie Comrie

Migrant studies

Dr Franco Vaccarino, Dr Mingsheng Li

Oral competencies at work

Dr Elizabeth Gray

Persistence in adult learning

Dr Niki Murray

Prisoners’ literacy

Dr Franco Vaccarino

Public communication about adult literacy

Dr Elspeth Tilley

Qualitative methods

Prof Frank Sligo , Dr Elspeth Tilley, Dr Bronwyn Watson

Quantitative methods

Dr Niki Murray, Prof Frank Sligo

Racialised, class-based and gendered discourses

Dr Elspeth Tilley

Social participation

A/Prof Margie Comrie, Dr Bronwyn Watson

Stress and coping

Dr Niki Murray

Workplace literacies

Prof Frank Sligo, Dr Elspeth Tilley

Written competencies at work

Dr Elizabeth Gray