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Second Research Contract Awarded from the Ministry of Education

Thursday 07-April-2005
Associate Professor Frank Sligo, Ms Niki Culligan, and Ms Beth Houston of the Department of Communication and Journalism have been awarded a further contract from the Ministry of Education for a summar... [more]

Update on Progress

Wednesday 08-December-2004
I would like to just extend a big Thank You to all those people and agencies who have participated in our study sometime this year, whether it be as an interviewee, an interviewer, as a fount of ideas or something else entirely, you were and are still very much appreciated. This will likely be the ... [more]

Update on Progress

Friday 24-September-2004
Literature Review - The annotated bibliography is currently on the website and is being added to on a weekly basis.
Community Phone Survey - The Community Phone Survey has been completed and is currently being analysed. It is hoped that initial results will be posted ... [more]

Literacy project may spread, By Dave Laurence

Tuesday 07-September-2004
Story courtesy of the Wanganui Chronicle, Thursday 26 August 2004.
Wanganui's trail-blazing literacy and employment research project may eventually be picked up by other centres. This possibility was raised in a report to the Wanganui District Council community development committee yes... [more]

Community Phone Survey Results Coming Soon

Tuesday 07-September-2004
The Literacy and Employment Research Team is currently in the process of analysing data from the Community Phone Survey that was carried out in the Wanganui and Districts area in August 2004. If you were one of our respondents, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your par... [more]

Postdoctoral Fellowship Awarded!

Tuesday 17-August-2004
A Postdoctoral Fellowship has been awarded by the University to the Department of Communication and Journalism for 2005-2006. This is a prestigious award which recognises the quality of the Literacy and Employment research programme being un...[more]

FRST Literacy and Employment Project

Thursday 12-August-2004
The Literacy and Employment Project Team has been very busy the last few months. Literature Review - We are currently working on a comprehensive annotated bibliography and literature review and have accumulated a small library of research articles and books on the topic of... [more]

Literacy research partnership formed

Thursday 05-August-2004
Story courtesy of the Wanganui Chronicle, Thursday 5 August 2004
Another step in a three year journey was made yesterday at a meeting between Massey University and Wanganui community researchers. Massey University's Department of Communication and Journalism has joined forces with the W... [more]