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On this page appear examples of the presentations to academic, professional and community groups being given by research team members. If you would like more details about the research strands represented by these publications, please do not hesitate to contact any of the authors.

Tilley, E., Sligo, F., & Shearer, F. (2007). Literacy Drivers and Levers: Findings from the Wanganui Literacy and Employment Research Programme. Presentation made to the Social Marketing Downunder Conference, "Sustaining Social Marketing", Wellington, March 9.
Social_Marketing.pdf (194 KB)

Comrie, M.A. & Olsson, S. (2005). The unacknowledged divide: Perceptions of literacy and communication needs in the workplace. Paper presented at the Australian and NZ Communication Association 2005 Conference, "Communication at Work." Christchurch, 4-7 July.

Sligo, F.X & Culligan, N. (2005). Rethinking research assumptions about community and community assumptions about research: The Literacy and Employment Programme. Paper presented at the Australian and NZ Communication Association 2005 Conference, "Communication at Work." Christchurch, 4-7 July.

Culligan, N. & Sligo, F.X. (2005). Developing co-creative community-university research partnerships to explore adult literacy in a NZ community. Paper presented at the RaPAL Conference, "Creativity and Adult Literacies Learning." Sheffield, 1-2 July.

Rawiri, A.H. (2005). Literacy for indigenous communities' cultural continuity and dynamism. Paper presented at the Indigenous Knowledges Conference, "Reconciling Academic Priorities with Indigenous Realities." Wellington, 22-25 June.
presentation_Literacy for indigenous communities.pdf (142 KB)

Comrie, M.A. & Sligo, F.X. (2005). Towards building a community of common purpose in a research programme exploring the Literacy and Employment nexus. Presented at the Ninth International Symposium on Social Communication, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, 25 January.
presentation_Cuba_social_comm.pdf (174 KB)

Dempsey, B., Culligan, N., & Neilson, D. (2005). The Literacy and Employment Programme: Progress to date and Provider Survey Phase One Feedback. Paper presented to Wanganui District Adult Literacy Providers, Wanganui, 31 March.
presentation_to_Providers_31_March.pdf (39 KB)

Sligo, F.X. (2004). Walking the talk in communication research; Lessons from the Literacy and Employment Research Programme, Wanganui. Keynote address presented to the 16th Annual Conference of the New Zealand Communication Association, Canterbury Tales: Walking the Talk, Christchurch, 8 December.
presentation_walkingthetalk.pdf (113 KB)

Te Aramakutu, A., Culligan, N., Rawiri, A., & Caseley, A. (2004). The Wanganui literacy project: Peering around the learning curve. Paper presented to Wanganui PTE Monthly Meeting, Wanganui, 10 November.
Presentation_providers.pdf (119 KB)

Sligo, F.X. (2004). Towards building a research community of common purpose: The Wanganui Literacy and Employment Programme. Paper presented at the Department of Communication and Journalism Research Seminar Series, Massey University, Wellington, 10 September and Massey University, Palmerston North, 13 October.
presentation_10_9_04.pdf (115 KB)

Patrick, S. & Sligo, F.X. (2004). Literacy and employment in Wanganui. Paper presented to the Library and Information Association New Zealand Aotearoa (LIANZA) Conference Made in Aotearoa, Auckland, 7 September.
presentation_LIANZA_07_09_04.pdf (689 KB)

Sligo, F.X. (2004). River, canoe: Metaphors to inform the Literacy and Employment Programme. Paper presented to the New Zealand Language and Society Conference, Massey University, Palmerston North, 2 September.
linguistics_conference_2-9-04.pdf (71 KB)

Sligo, F.X. & Culligan, N. (2004). The Literacy and Employment Programme: Progress to date. Paper presented to Wanganui District Council, Wanganui, 25 August.
wdc_progress_presentation.pdf (8 KB)

Sligo, F.X. (2004). Information rich, information poor. Paper presented to New Zealand Hospital Boards’ Health Communicators’ Conference, Taradale, Hawkes Bay, 16 July.
presentation_KGH hospital communicators July 2004.pdf (90 KB)

Comrie, M., & Olsson, S. (2004). Project research issues. Presented to FRST community sub-contractors, Wanganui District Library, Wanganui, 3 June.
presentation_Planning dayOct slides.pdf (121 KB)

Sligo, F.X. (2004). Literacy and employment Wanganui. Paper presented to Te Puna Matauranga O Whanganui, Wanganui, 20 April.
presentation_Literacy overview presentation.pdf (49 KB)

Olsson, S., & Comrie, M (2004). Literacy and employment. Presented to Wanganui community stakeholder groups, Wanganui Public Library, Wanganui, 2 April. Repeated to Tertiary Literacy Providers' Group, UCOL, Wanganui, 3 April.
presentation_FRST3Junemeeting.pdf (29 KB)