About us

Our mission is to contribute to knowledge and development of healthy working environments in businesses.

The term ‘working environment’ is not limited to the physical environment in a workplace or a place of work, but encompasses all the factors that affect people at work. Essentially, ‘working environment’ is a more holistic concept than the commonly used terms such as ‘occupational health and safety’ or ‘occupational safety and health’ (OHS/OSH). Whilst OHS/OSH is often perceived to describe problems or negative effects on people’s health and safety, working environment includes both negative and positive factors, including effects on physical and mental health. Importantly, use of the term working environment refocuses intervention efforts on the development of workplaces that are healthy for workers rather than on the individual worker, and therefore is consistent with ergonomics.

To achieve this mission, CErgOSH focuses on:

  • Creating new knowledge: exploring how best practice and fundamental principles in OSH and ergonomics can be synergised to realise improved business performance and human wellbeing.
  • Disseminating knowledge: providing small and large businesses, industries and the research community with OSH and ergonomics knowledge and research to facilitate their aspirations and opportunities.
  • Collaborating for knowledge: pursuing joint initiatives with other colleagues/research centres, government and international organisations and agencies to generate and enhance OSH and ergonomics knowledge for businesses.

Our people achieve this mission by focusing on a number of key activities pertaining to ergonomics, occupational safety and health, including:

  • research and publications
  • academic programmes
  • continuing professional development short courses.