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CErgOSH welcomes visitors who would like to work with us or learn more about ergonomics and occupational safety and health.

Listed below are some ways in which it might be possible for us to host visitors.

Distinguished Visitors

CErgOSH has hosted numerous Scandinavian visitors, including:

  • Professor Peter Hasle
  • Associate Professor Klaus Nielsen
  • Dr Kristina Gunnarsson
  • Professor Per Langaa Jensen
  • Ms Laura Kvorning
  • Ms Kjerstin Vogel.

Massey University’s International Visitor’s Research Fund supported their travel to New Zealand and is available to other to distinguished guest and visitors.


CErgOSH has accommodated numerous French and UK intern students researching load carriage, musculoskeletal disorders, and hypoxia and hypohydration in aviation. These internships provided young academics with work experience in a research environment.

To enquire about internship opportunities, contact Associate Professor Ian Laird.


CErgOSH is willing to host those on sabbatical leave from academic institutions or OSH administrative authorities. Email the Centre’s core staff to register your interest.

For more information, contact Associate Professor Ian Laird.

  • Associate Professor Ian Laird

    Associate Professor Ian Laird

    Associate Professor - School of Health Sciences

    Associate Dean Research - College of Health


    Ph: ext +6469517914