Master Thesis and Dissertations

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Jun Hee Han (2016) Time and space analysis of abattoir monitoring data of Johne’s disease in New Zealand.
Jun Hee Han MVS.pdf (1,995 KB)

Aaron Yang (2016) Epidemiological studies of Bovine Digital Dermatitis in pasture-based dairy herds in the North Taranaki, New Zealand. 
Aaron Yang MVS.pdf (1,196 KB)


Simon Clarke (2015) Survey of interest in complementary and alternative medicine regarding pets and humans in New Zealand.


Kara Dawson (2014) Risk factors for detection of recurrent bovine tuberculosis in New Zealand cattle and deer herds 2005-2011 
KaraDawson_MVS.pdf (544 KB)

Raymond Hamoonga (2014) Risk factors for foot-and-mouth disease in Zambia 1981 to 2012.
Raymond_Hamoonga_MVS1.pdf (1,032 KB)

Manley Mazila (2014) Analysis of effects of negative energy balance in dairy animals using data from three regions of New Zealand’s North Island.
Manley Mazila MVS Dissertationl.pdf (2,293 KB)

Helen Sheard  (2014) Demographics and health of New Zealand working farm dogs: A survey of dogs on sheep and beef farms in New Zealand in 2009
Helen Sheard MVS.pdf (972 KB)

Sameh Ahmad (2014) Factors associated with pregnancy and growth rates in New Zealand replacement dairy heifers.
Sameh_Ahmed_MVS_Dissertation.pdf (737 KB)

Zul Bahar Abdul Rashid (2014) An investingation of spontaneous humeri fractures in New Zealand dairy cattle.
Zul Bahar Bin Abdul Rashid MVS Dissertation.pdf (2,682 KB)


Amy Jerram (2013) Demographics and management of dogs used to herd livestock in New Zealand.
Amy Jerram MVS.pdf (1,909 KB)


Katharine Denholm (2012) Risk factors for pre-weaning calf morbidity and mortality due to farmer-diagnosed diarrhoea on 45 New Zealand dairy farms.
Katharine Denholm MVS Dissertation.pdf (960 KB)


Juan Manuel Sanhueza (2011)  The role of infectious pathogens on reproductive loss in New Zealand beef cattle.
Juan Sanhueza MVS.pdf (386 KB)

Nguyen Thi Diep (2011) Post-vaccination surveillance and molecular epidemiology of highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza in Vietnam.
Ngyuen_Diep_MVS_thesis_200611.pdf (3,147 KB)


Bernard Phiri (2008) Epidemiology of morbidity and mortality on smallholder dairy farms in Eastern and Southern Africa.
BJPhiriMVS.pdf (476 KB)

Birgit Schauer (2008) Evaluation of sources of error in weight records of commercially raised growing pigs.
BirgitSchauerMaster.pdf (655 KB)


Patricia Jaros (2007) An investigation of the aetiology and natural transmission of postweaning multisystemic sasting syndrome in pigs
PatriciaJarosMVS.pdf (3,663 KB)

Kamaliah Ghazali (2007) An investigation of wastage on a commercial sheep farm in New Zealand
KamaliahGhazliMVS.pdf (1,768 KB)

Birgit Schauer (2007) [DVM] Factors associated with grower herd performance in three New Zealand pig farms
BirgitSchauerDVM.pdf (1,603 KB)

Karma Rinzin (2007) The epidemiology of the free-roaming dog and cat population in the Wellington region of New Zealand
RinzinKarmaMVS.pdf (439 KB)

Sithar Dorjee (2007) Occupational exposure to pathogenic Leptospira from sheep carcasses in a New Zealand abattoir
SitharDorgee_final.pdf (822 KB)


Christopher Compton (2006) Epidemiology of mastitis in peripartum dairy heifers.
ChrisCompton_MVS.pdf (486 KB)
Katrina Parker (2006) Risk factors and prevention strategies for mastitis in New Zealand dairy herds.

Esther Richardson (2006) Aspects of Trichinella spiralis in New Zealand
EstherRichardsonMVS.pdf (6,707 KB)


Mirtha Gimenez-Pereira (2005) Enterococci in milk products
MirthaGimenezMVSFinal.pdf (1,185 KB)


Mark Bryan (2004) Effects of supplementing intensively grazed New Zealand dairy cows with Chromium Methionine.

Daniel Russell (2004) Use of remote sensing to generate a predictive model of bovine tuberculosis.
DanielRussellMVS.pdf (377 KB)

Robert Suter (2004) Risk factor epidemiological studies of ivermectin resistant Ostertagia circumcincta on Western Australian sheep farms.
RobertSuterMVS.pdf (2,262 KB)


Joanne Kerslake (2003) Salmonella brandenburg in New Zealand sheep: The development of a serological diagnostic test and a case control study.
JoKerslake.pdf (1,757 KB)

Gaolatlhe Thobokwe (2003) Epidemiology of bovine viral diarrohoea virus infection in New Zealand dairy herds.
GaolatlheThobokweMVS.pdf (636 KB)

Bijay Adhikari (2003) Sparrows, flies, and rodents as reservoirs of Campylobacter spp. on a dairy farm.
BijayAdhikari_MVS.pdf (5,084 KB)


Rene Corner (2002) Two studies on the control of wildlife-derived tuberculosis: farmer views and model validation.
ReneCornerMVS.pdf (1,213 KB)

Lachlan McIntyre (2002) Development of a novel monitoring and surveillance system for endemic animal diseases in New Zealand.  
LachlanMcIntyre_MVS.pdf (808 KB)

Mirzet Sabirovic (2002) Salmonella brandenburg in sheep meat in New Zealand.
MirzetSaborovicMVS.pdf (1,295 KB)


Kathyrn Goodwin (2001) Enzootic pneumonia of lambs in New Zealand patterns of prevalence and effects on production.

Solis Norton (2001) Bovine tuberculosis in the brushtail possum (Trichosurus Vulpecula): behaviour and develpoment of an aerosol vaccinator.
SolisNortonMVS.pdf (7,660 KB)

Pranee Panichabhongse (2001) The epidemiology of rabies in Thailand.
PraneePanichabhongseMVS.pdf (3,390 KB)

Pao-yin Wu (2001) A longitudinal study of Campylobacter Spp. on a New Zealand dairy farm.
Pao-yin Wu MVS.pdf (4,935 KB)


Klim Huttner (2000) Impact assessment of a community-based animal health service program in northern Malawi.
KlimHuttnerMVS.pdf (3,506 KB)

Richard Shephard (2000) The epidemiology of mastitis in Australian dairy cattle.
RichardShephard_MVS.pdf (15,573 KB)

Naomi Boxall (1999) Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis: A tool for molecular epidemiology.
NaomiBoxallMVS.pdf (984 KB)

U-sa Chethanond (1999) The epidemiology of enzootic bovine leukosis in dairy cattle in New Zealand.
U-saChethanond_MVS.pdf (4,116 KB)

Tippawon Teekayuwat (1999) Geographical reporting and analysis of infectious animal disease occurrence in Thailand and New Zealand
TippawonTeekayuwat_MVS.pdf (12,089 KB)

Helen Crabb (1998) The development of a computer model for the replacement of dairy cattle in seasonally calving herds in New Zealand.
HelenCrabb_MVS.pdf (6,695 KB)

Robyn Gorton (1998) A study of tuberculosis in hedgehogs so as to predict the location of tuberculous possums.
RobynGortonMVS.pdf (1,767 KB)

Graham Mackereth (1998) Spatial data requirements for animal disease management in New Zealand.
GrahamMackereth_MVS.pdf (17,899 KB)

Chiara Macchi (1997) Epidemiological studies of parasitism in sheep and reproduction in horses.
ChiaraMacchi_MVS.pdf (4,503 KB)

Petrus van Der Logt (1996) Model applications of decision support systems in meat hygiene programs

Brent Paterson (1993) Behavioural patterns of possums and cattle which may facilitate the transmission of tuberculosis.
brentpaterson.pdf (2,223 KB)

Chockchai Chaimongkol (1990) Studies on the reproductive performance of dairy cows in New Zealand and some factors which may influence reproductive efficiency.
ChockchaiChaimongkol_MVS.pdf (8,624 KB)

Christopher Boland (1988) A study of the information search process used by veterinarians in clinical practice in New Zealand.
ChristopherBoland_MVS.pdf (4,158 KB)