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PhD Thesis  

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Sabrina Greening (2020) Integrating host population contact structure and pathogen whole-genome sequence data to understand the epidemiology of infectious diseases
SabrinaGreening_PhD.pdf (14,812 KB)

Jun Hee Han (2020) Establishment of optimal control strategies to eliminate bovine viral diarrhoea in New Zealand
JunHeeHan_PhD.pdf (10,124 KB)


Milan Gautam (2019) Epidemiology of Ovine Paratuberculosis in New Zealand
MilanGautam_PhD.pdf (10,472 KB)

Mary Van Andel (2019) Extrapolating incomplete animal population and surveillance data for use in national disease control: Examples from Myanmar and New Zealand

Danchen (Aaron) Yang (2019) Epidemiological studies of bovine digital dermatitis in pasture-based dairy system in New Zealand.
Danchen(Aaron)Yang_PhD.pdf (16,543 KB)

Yuni Yupiana (2019) Leptospirosis in Dairy Herds


Arata Hidano (2018) Optimising the use of new data streams for making epidemiological inferences in veterinary epidemiology
ArataHidano_PhD.pdf (8,593 KB)


Nelly Marquetoux (2017) Ovine Paratuberculosis Transmission Dynamics and Cost - Effectiveness of Interventions
NellyMarquetox_PhD.pdf (3,565 KB)

Kandarp Patel (2017) Epidemiological investigation into abortion in farmed red deer in New Zealand.
Kandrap Patel PhD.pdf (5,079 KB)


Andrew Weir (2016) Epidemiology of BVD in New Zealand dairy herds. (EMBARGOED until 1 May 2019)

Shiyong Wang (2016) Development of a method for optimal detection of emerging disease incursions.
Shiyong Wang PhD.pdf (6,219 KB)

Masako Wada (2016) Enhancing an Evidence-Based Decision Making System for Foot-and-Mouth Disease.
MasakoWada_PhD.pdf (7,230 KB)

Emilie Vallee (2016) Epidemiology and production effects of leptospirosis in New Zealand sheep.
EmilieVallee_PhD.pdf (2,652 KB)

Juan Sanhueza (2016) Occupational leptospirosis in New Zealand.
Juan Sanhueza PhD.pdf (3,341 KB)

Stefan Smith (2016)


Melle De Boer (2014) Reproduction of Dairy Cattle in New Zealand: causes, consequences prevention and economics of endemetritis.
Melvin_de_Boer_PhD_Thesis.pdf (1,979 KB)

Fang Fang (2014) Leptospirosis diagnostics and exposure at the human and animal interface in New Zealand.
Fang_Fang PhD_Thesis.pdf (10,347 KB)


Anou Dreyfus (2013) Leptospirosis in humans and pastoral livestock in New Zealand.
Anou_Dreyfus_PhD_Thesis.pdf (2,330 KB)

Eric Nuemann (2013) Biosecurity and exotic disease surveillance in the New Zealand pig industry.
Eric_Neumann_PhD_Thesis.pdf (2,590 KB)

Long Nguyen (2013) The Epidemiology of Avian Influenza in the Mekong River Delta of Viet Nam.
Nguyen_Long_PhD_thesis (2,547 KB)

Cristobal Verdugo (2013) Epidemiology of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection on sheep, beef cattle and deer farms in New Zealand.
Cristoba_Verdugo_PhD_Thesis.pdf (2,746 KB)


Vathsala Mohan (2012) Molecular Epidemiology of Campylobacteriosis and Evolution of Campylobacter jejuni ST-474 in New Zealand.
Vathsala Mohan PhD Thesis.pdf (6,621 KB)

Tom Brownlie (2012) Quantifying the effect of the InCalf Farmer Action Group on seasonal-calving pasture-based dairy farms in New Zealand. 
Tom_Brownlie_PhD_Thesis.pdf (2,411 KB)

Shoukai Yu (2012) The evolution of Campylobacter.
Shoukai_Yu_2012.pdf (2,729 KB)


John Alawneh (2011) Monitoring liveweight to optimise health and productivity in pasture fed dairy herds.
John_Alawneh_PhD.pdf (2,102 KB)

Lesley Stringer (2011) Epidemiological studies to inform control strategies for paratuberculosis in farmed deer. 
LesleyStringerPhD.pdf (1,673 KB)


Supatsak Subharat ( 2010) Epidemiology, diagnosis and vaccination control of leptospirosis in farmed deer in New Zealand.
Supatsak_Subharat_PhD_Thesis (1,759 KB)

Phan Quang Minh (2010) Epidemiological studies of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Vietnam. 
Phan_Quang_Minh_PhD.pdf (4,750 KB)


Petra Mullner (2009) Estimating the contribution of different sources to the burden of human campylobacteriosis and salmonellosis. 
PetraMullnerPhD.pdf (4,077 KB)

Jackie Benschop (2009) Epidemiological investigations of surveillance strategies for zoonotic Salmonella. 
JackieBenschopPhD.pdf (5,148 KB)


Caryl Lockhart (2008) Surveillance for diseases of poultry with specific reference to avian influenza
CarylLockhartPhD.pdf (6,758 KB)

Thibaud Porphyre (2008) Factors associated with the transmission dynmaics of bovine tuberculosis in New Zealand
ThibaudPorphyrePhD.pdf (6,227 KB)


Solis Norton (2008) The Epidemiology of Johne's disease in New Zealand Dairy Herds 
SolisNortonPhD.pdf (1,905 KB)

Simone Titus (2007) A novel model developed for Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment in the pork food chain.
STitusPhDThesis.pdf (3,379 KB)


Nina Kung (2006) Epidemiological studies of avian influenza viruses in Hong Kong.
NinaKungPHD.pdf (1,528 KB)

Kathryn Goodwin-Ray (2006) Pneumonia and pleurisy in sheep: Studies of prevalence, risk factors, vaccine efficacy and economic impact.
KathyGoodwinPhD.pdf (1,919 KB)


Nigel Perkins (2005) Epidemiology and health and performance in New Zealand racehorses.
NigelPerkins_PhDThesis.pdf (2,293 KB)

Naomi Boxall (2005) The epidemiology of Campylobacter jejuni in commercial broiler flocks in New Zealand.
NaomiBoxallPhD.pdf (5,391 KB)


Joerg Henning (2003) Factors influencing the epidemiology of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus in New Zealand.
JoergHenningPhD.pdf (3,236 KB)

Mark Stevenson (2003) The Spatio-temporal epidemiology of bovine spongiform encephalopathy and foot-and-mouth disease in Great Britain.
MarkStevensonPhD.pdf (5,161 KB)


Leigh Corner (2001) Bovine tuberculosis in brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula): Studies on vaccination, experimental infection, and disease transmission.
LeighCornerPhD.pdf (3,045 KB)

Carola Sauter-Louis (2001) The effectiveness of on-farm control programmes against wildlife-derived bovine tuberculosis in New Zealand.
CarolaSauterLouisPhD.pdf (10,064 KB)

2000 - 1990

Samuel Beckett (2000) The development and validation of a computerised expert system for import risk analysis.
SamuelBeckett_PhD.pdf (10,720 KB)

Joanna McKenzie (1999) The use of habitat analysis in the control of wildlife tuberculosis in New Zealand.
JoannaMcKenziePhD.pdf (5,693 KB)

Katharina Staerk (1998) Systems for the prevention and control of infectious diseases in Pigs.
KatharinaStarkPhD.pdf (6,423 KB)

Ian Lugton (1997) The contribution of wild mammals to the epidemiology of tuberculosis ( Mycobacterium bovis) in New Zealand.
IanLugtonPhD.pdf (3,736 KB)

Laurent Audige (1995) Deer herd health and production profiling.
LaurentAudige_PhD.pdf (44,336 KB)

Ron Jackson (1995) Transmission of tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium bovis between possums and cattle.
RonJacksonPhD.pdf (4,230 KB)

Sirichai Wongnarkpet (1995) The epidemiological investigation of pig diseases.
SirichaiWongnarkpet_PhD.pdf (7,150 KB)

Dirk Pfeiffer (1994) The role of a wildlife reservoir in the epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis.
Dirk_Pfeiffer_PhD.pdf (14,504 KB)

Robert L Sanson (1993) The development of a decision support system for an animal disease emergency.
RobertSansonPhD.pdf (3,914 KB)