ABI Sequencing Service Re-Run Policy

MGS will ensure all sequencing samples submitted to our service are run in a timely manner. Current turnaround time is less than 48 hours from the time the samples arrive at our facility. For customers who hand deliver samples , please note the delivery cut-off time is 10am (Monday – Friday). Sample that arrive after 10am will be processed the next working day.Please contact us if your results have not been uploaded to the server within the 48 hour turnaround time.

MGS will only provide a sequencing rerun free of charge if the samples fail due to problems with our reagents, processes or sequencing instrument. For each 96 well sequencing plate at least three internal controls (two positive and one negative) are included. MGS re-run policies are:

  • The service will not re-run samples when the internal controls are working. When the results are uploaded to the server, a ‘QC report’ will be generated and uploaded, along with the sequence files.


Customer samples will only be re-run under these conditions:

  • The service will only sequence the original template the client submitted to us previously. The service will not sequence re-submitted samples. Thus if the client requires a repeat, the client must supply a larger volume of samples when the samples are first submitted. The client will need to supply a total volume of 30µl of sample in 0.2ml PCR-tubes. Double the amount of DNA and primer will need to be submitted. Please refer to the MGS technical bulletin for more information.

All client samples are stored frozen at -20 degrees for seven days. The service will only re-run the samples within this 7 day time period. Hence please check your sequencing result as soon as possible. 

ABI Genotyping Service Re-Run Policy

For the genotyping rerun policy please contact us for more information.