ABI Results Delivery

The Massey Genome Service provides a web-based download system for the delivery of customer results for both the ABI sequencing and genotyping services.  Please go to Customer login for ABI services to download your data.

Customers can be sent an analysis report of their sequencing data. The report will show the success and/or failure of your sequencing data. This report is delivered via our web-based download system, along with the results. Please contact Massey Genome Service for further details regarding the information included in the analysis report.

Access Rights

It is possible to give other people access to your request and results data. When registering with the service or changing your account details, you can specify a list of users who will be able to see your requests and download your results from their own Results page. You can use this to share results with others in a group or to give supervisors access to your work.

For security reasons we do not allow users to give themselves access to other users data. However if you require access rights to be given to your data, please contact us via email.