About the Massey Genome Service

The Massey Genome Service (MGS) is located within the School of Fundamental Science (SFS), Massey University, on the Palmerston North campus.

MGS operates three services:

  • Sanger sequencing and genotyping service using Applied Biosystems Inc. ABI 3730 and ABI 3500xl capillary instrumentation.
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) service using Illumina MiSeq™ instrumentation.
  • LabChip service for the quality checking of NGS libraries and RNA samples.

ABI Sequencing and Genotyping Services

The ABI sequencing and genotyping service operates through the College of science, Massey University and this service started operation  back in January 1997. The service now operates a cost effective, reliable and competitive service and has now incorporated sample preparation automation into its procedures, with the purchase of liquid handling instrumentation, which has allowed for improvements in data quality. 

Please submit requests for ABI sequencing and genotyping services via Customer Login  

Please contact XiaoXiao Lin for general enquires.

Next Generation Sequencing Services

The NGS service is a commercial service that started operation back in March 2012. The service provides sample QC, library preparation, library QC, Illumina MiSeq™ sequencing, data QC and bioinformatics analysis.

The Illumina MiSeq™ instrumentation, uses Illumina's massively parallel sequencing-by-synthesis (SBS) technology, generating medium throughput, high-quality DNA sequencing.

MGS supports the following sequencing applications:

  • Genomic DNA sequencing of small genomes e.g. bacterial, fungal and viral
    - de novo sequencing
    - re-sequencing
  • Whole Metagenomic sequencing
  • Metabarcoding -16S amplicon sequencing
  • Custom amplicon sequencing
  • RNA sequencing
    -  Gene Expression analysis
    -  Transcriptomics

All enquires and requests for NGS work must be made by contacting Xiaoxiao Lin, Laboratory/QA Manager.

Contact details are:

E-mail: mgs-manager@massey.ac.nz 

Phone: +64 6 951 9080 ext 86080