RNA Integrity Number (RIN)

One of the great features of the Agilent RNA kits is the patented RNA Integrity Number (RIN) which is the industry standard for RNA quality assessment. It provides fast, easy and precise integrity checks and sample quantification before any RNA dependent application.

The RNA integrity number (RIN) is a software tool designed estimate the integrity of total RNA samples. The software automatically assigns an integrity number to a eukaryote total RNA sample. Using this tool, sample integrity is no longer determined by the ratio of the ribosomal bands, but by the entire electrophoresis trace of the RNA sample. This includes the presence or absence of degradation products. The assigned RIN is independent of sample concentration, instrument and analyst therefore becoming a de facto standard for RNA integrity.

What the RIN CAN do:

  • Obtain a numerical assessment of the integrity of RNA.
  • Directly compare RNA samples, and compare integrity of the same tissue across different labs. 

     Ensure repeatability of experiments. 


  What the RIN CANNOT do:

  • It is not able to tell whether an experiment will work or not if no prior validation was done. An RIN of 5 might not work for microarray experiments, but might work well for an appropriate RT-PCR experiment. Also, a RIN that might be good for a 3' amplification might not work for a 5' amplification.
  • There is a new assay for plants which compensates for those extra ribosomal peaks.  Select 'Plant total RNA' from the ‘Nucleic Acid Type’ pull-down menu on your online request form.



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