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Massey Genome Service Sanger sequencing and LabChip services price (effective from 1st March 2021):

New price for LabChip Service

New price for ABI Sequencing and Genotyping Service

    Please download the PDF file below, which provides a step by step guide to customers, when submitting online requests for the ABI sequencing and genotyping services.

    MGS ABI service online submission & download Bulletin - January 2022 (193 KB)


    1. The Massey Genome Service requires all customers to provide a correct order number or account number on each online request submission sent to the service. If an order number for external customers or an account number for internal customers is not provided when the samples for that request arrive at our facility, we will not process the work until it has been provided.

    2. The Massey Genome Service requires the purchase order to be generated by the institute that registered in the account. If the PO is generated by a different institute, please email Xiaoxiao Lin.

    3. To avoid being charged for work that is not completed by Massey Genome Service, please cancel/delete the requests that is no longer required as soon as possible.

    4. Please send the printout of the request form with your samples to MGS. The printout of the request form is needed for sample identification.



    For All Customer services enquiries please contact XiaoXiao Lin

    For ABI lab enquiries please contact Lorraine or Xiaoxiao