LabChip® Service  

Due to current issues with the LabChip Genomic DNA Assay, we are temporarily not providing this services. If you have already sent samples, we will get in touch to return your samples. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.


The PerkinElmer LabChip® GX Touch HT instrument is a high throughput microfluidic-based electrophoresis platform for the quality and quantification analysis of DNA and RNA. It is designed to deliver high quality digital data from very small amounts of sample.

The Massey Genome Service (MGS) is now offering our LabChip® Service for the quality and quantification assessment of DNA and RNA samples. It is a very valuable tool for assessing the quality of your DNA and RNA samples before proceeding with expensive Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Microarray and Gene Expression experiments.

The LabChip Services offered by the MGS are listed in the table below:

Labchip® Service Type

Sample Type

Product Size Range

Maximum Samples per LabChip® Prep

Price from 1st March 2021

Concentration  range of sample

DNA High Sensitivity LabChip® Assay

PCR products NGS libraries

50 – 5,000 bp

96 samples

$5.50 per sample

Refer to Note 1

Genomic DNA LabChip® Assay

Genomic DNA PCR products Plasmids

50 - 40,000+ bp

48 samples 

$5.50 per sample

0.2 - 5 ng/μL

RNA Standard LabChip® Assay*

Eukaryote & Prokaryote Total RNA & mRNA

100 – 6,000 nt

48 samples

$6.50 per sample

25 - 250 ng/μL (Standard Sensitivity)

Note 1

For Standard Sample Workflow,

10 pg/μL - 500 pg/μL per fragment from 50bp to 2000 bp;

50 pg/μL - 500 pg/μL per fragment from 2000 bp to 5000 bp;

100 pg/μL - 5 ng/μL for smears.

For Limited Sample Workflow (initial concentration),

20 pg/μL - 500 pg/μL per fragment from 50 bp to 2000 bp;

100 pg/μL - 500 pg/μL per fragment from 2000 bp to 5000 bp;

200 pg/μL - 5 ng/μL for smears.

DNA High Sensitivity LabChip® Assay

The DNA High Sensitivity LabChip® assay generates exact sizing and quantification of DNA fragments and smears. The assay produces high accuracy with resolution down to 5 bp and sensitivity of 2pg/µl.

RNA Standard LabChip® Assay

The RNA Standard LabChip® assay generates RNA metrics such as peak heights, peak areas, and concentration, which are used to determine an RQS (RNA Quality Score) number for each sample. The RQS has been validated to correlate well with Agilent’s RIN (RNA Integrity Number) and follows the same 0-10 scale rating. The detection RNA concentration is as low as 250 pg/µL. 

An RNA control sample is run on each RNA LabChip (UHR Total RNA – Stratagene Cat. #740000-41).

For customers in Palmerston North please contact Xiaoxiao Lin to arrange shipment of your RNA.

Genomic DNA LabChip® Assay

The Genomic DNA LabChip® assay provides a fast and consistent digital genomic DNA quality score (GQS) enabling, an immediate determination of sample degradation and size distribution can be made. The GQS ranges from 0 to 5, with 5 representing the highest quality. The reproducibility, compatibility with automation, and throughput of the Genomic DNA assay overcomes the limitations of gel-based methods for qualitative sizing and assessment of degradation of DNA samples.

The guaranteed turnaround time from the MGS receiving your samples to the client receiving the results is a maximum of 5 working days. Genome DNA samples will be processed every Monday and RNA samples will be processed every Tuesday. Please submit the samples before 12pm on Monday or Tuesday. In the event of public holiday falling on Monday or Tuesday, the samples will be processed after the holiday. 

If urgent processing of samples is required, please contact Xiaoxiao Lin.