Sample Submission Guide


Below are step by step instructions for clients submitting online requests to the Massey Genome Service (MGS) for the LabChip® Service.

1.     Go to the MGS website at

2.     Go to ‘Customer Login’.

3.     If you are a new customer and have not yet “registered’ with the MGS, please register by clicking on ‘register’ in the customer login. To register you will be asked to create your own ‘username’ and ‘password’, which you will use each time you submit an online request for the LabChip® GX Touch HT service. You will also be asked to supply other information, such as your name, results address, invoicing address, and other contact details.

4.     Once you have registered with the MGS you can then submit an online request. To submit the online request, go back to ‘Customer Login’, and click on ‘login’.

5.     Enter in your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’, then click ‘submit’.

6.     This will take you to the ‘Massey Genome Service Main Menu’. Select ‘3. Request LabChip® GX Touch HT Service.The online request form will come up on the screen.

7.     Fill in the ‘Account/order number’, with the account or order number this request is to be charged to. For internal Massey University customers, where work is being charged to a Massey University School of Natural Sciences (SNS) accounts, please supply an account number. 

For external customers please supply an order number.

8.     Fill in the ‘Customer Notes’, if you have any additional information the MGS needs to know regarding this request submission. If you do not have any additional information that the MGS needs for this request submission, please do not fill this in.

9.     Proceed with filling in the columns in the ‘Table’:

-       Sample Tube No. /Well No: Please supply samples in 1.5 mL or 0.5 mL tubes if ≤ 24 samples, or in a 96 well semi-skirted plate if >24 samples. If supplying samples in a 96 well plate, please place the sample in the following order in the plate and in the sample submission form: A01 to A12, B01 to B12, C01 to C12, and so on up to H01 to H12.

-       Sample Name: The name for identifying the sample used.

-       Product size (bp): This is the total size of your sample in base pairs (bp).

-       Volume of sample supplied (µL): The minimum volume required per sample is 25 µL for LabChip DNA assay and 2 µL for LabChip RNA assay.

-       Estimate of concentration (ng/µl): Quantify samples using fluorometer before sending to the MGS.

10.  Fill in the ‘LabChip® Assay Type’ by selecting one option for the ‘Pull-down Menu’. MGS offers the following LabChip® assays:

-       DNA High Sensitivity LabChip® Assay

-       Genomic DNA LabChip® Assay

-       RNA Standard LabChip® Assay

11.  Fill in the ‘Nucleic Acid Type’ by selecting one option for the ‘Pull-down Menu’.

12.  Click on ‘Submit’, to submit your online request for the LabChip® GX Touch HT service. This online request will come through to the MGS server.

13.  Once you have clicked on ‘Submit’ the submitted online request form will come up on the screen. Please print this submitted request form in ‘Landscape’ format, sign it, and send to the MGS with your samples. The printout of the submitted request form is needed for sample identification.


Sample Conditions

  • BSA and detergents exceeding 0.05 mg/mL and 0.01% (v/v) respectively in concentration should not be used. Higher concentrations can result in chip failure. In addition, non-aqueous solvents are not compatible with DNA LabChip® protocols.
  • Total salt concentration must not exceed 10 mM Tris and 1 mM EDTA for the DNA High Sensitivity assay. Higher salt concentrations and different ions may alter performance and reduce assay sensitivity.


Sample Delivery

Please send your DNA and RNA samples by overnight courier to the following address:

Massey University
School of Natural Sciences (SNS)
Inward Goods
Science Tower A1.19
Columbo Road
Palmerston North 4410
ATTN: Massey Genome Service

Please send DNA sample on icepacks and RNA sample on dry ice. Internal clients and external clients who are working close to Massey University are welcome to hand deliver samples. The Massey Genome Service DOES NOT accepts international sample deliveries for the LabChip® Service.


Turnaround Time

The standard turnaround time for this service is a maximum of 5 working days from when the facility receiving the samples to receiving the results via website download.


Results Delivery

The LabChip® Service results will be sent to you via the MGS server and you will receive an email notification when the results are available to download. You will receive a PDF report containing the electropherogram and gel image of each of your samples. You will also receive a .gxd file which you can open using the LabChip GX Reviewer softwareThe user manual can be downloaded here:  LABCHIP_GX_REVIEWER_USER_MANUAL (4,093 KB) .