We have several recent and ongoing research projects in the integrated catchment and river science space. To find out more about our projects, the tools we use and our publications output read on.


  • Pre-impoundment river dynamics, Makaroro River, Hawkes Bay (MURF)
  • Sediment fingerprinting in the Manawatu catchment. Joint Massey-Landcare Research within MSI ‘Clean Water Productive Land’ research programme. Murray Jessen Scholarship to Simon Vale.
  • Quantification of landslide erosion 1949-2011, SE Ruahines. Joint Massey-Landcare Research within MSI ‘Clean water, Productive Land’ research programme.
  • New Zealand Holocene flood histories: Northland, Southland, Nelson & national database of alluvial radiocarbon dates.
  • Morphological budgeting in the upper Motueka River, 2004-2010. Joint Massey-Landcare Research within Motueka Integrated Catchment Management programme.
  • Rangitikei River channel changes 1950-2005. Joint Massey-Fish & Game
  • Waingawa River channel changes 1943-2009. Joint Massey-Fish & Game
  • Slope-channel coupling in East Cape catchments.
  • Impacts of the February 2004 storm on the geomorphology of western Manawatu tributaries
  • Geomorphic impacts of a Ruapehu lahar.

Student Projects

  • Appraising Flo2D for use in gravel-bed rivers.
  • Mapping morphological change in the Makaroro River, 2010-2013.
  • Natural Character Index development, Greater Wellington Region.
  • Assessment of land use and hydrology in Stoney Creek catchment
  • Slope-channel coupling, Houpoto Forest, Bay of Plenty.
  • Developing a catchment management plan for Mangaone West.
  • Integrated catchment management for maintaining riverine salmonid fisheries


Innovative River Solutions has access to the full suite of field and laboratory facilities.

  • Real Time Kinematic differential GPS
  • Robotic, reflectorless Total Station
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Coring rig (vibracoring)
  • Electromagnetic flow meters
  • ArcMap GIS suite
  • Laser particle size analyser
  • Electromagnetic Earth Conductivity Meter (EM 31 and EM 38)
  • Automatic Drainflow and Water Sampling Equipment
  • X-Ray Diffraction Analyser (XRD)
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers (Flame and Flameless)


Some of the recent publications from our group:

  • Richardson, J., Fuller, I.C., Macklin, M.G., Jones, A.F., Holt, K.A., Litchfield, N.J. & Bebbington, M. (2013). Holocene river response to regional climate forcing in the Southern Hemisphere: evidence from New Zealand. Quaternary Science Reviews, 69, 8-27.
  • Fuller, I.C., Reid, H.E. & Brierley, G.J. (2013). Methods in Geomorphology: Investigating River Channel Form. In: John F. Shroder (ed.) Treatise on Geomorphology, Volume 14, pp. 73-91. San Diego: Academic Press.
  • Fuller, I.C. & Basher, L.R. (2013). Riverbed Digital Elevation Models as a tool for holistic river management: Motueka River, Nelson, New Zealand. River Research & Applications DOI: 10.1002/rra.2555.
  • Macklin, M.G., Fuller, I.C., Jones, A.F. & Bebbington, M. (2012). New Zealand and UK Holocene flooding demonstrates inter-hemispheric climate asynchrony. Geology, 40, 775-778.
  • Fuller, I.C. & Death, R.G. (2013). Towards innovative solutions for river management in New Zealand. In: Accurate and efficient use of nutrients on farms. (Eds L.D. Currie & C.L. Christensen). Occasional Report No. 26. Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. 9 pages.
  • Schwendel, A.C., Death, R.G., Fuller, I.C., and Tonkin, J. (2012). A new approach to assess bed stability relevant for invertebrate communities in upland streams. River Research and Applications, 28, 1726-1739.
  • Schwendel, A.C., Fuller, I.C. & Death, R.G. (2012). Assessing DEM quality for change detection and morphological budgeting in upland streams: experimentation towards a recommended model, River Research & Applications, 28, 567-584.
  • Fuller, I.C., Richardson, J.M., Basher, L., Dykes, R.C. & Vale, S.S. (2012). Responses to river management? Geomorphic change over decadal and annual timescales in two gravel-bed rivers in New Zealand. In: Molina, D. (Ed.), River Channels: Types, Dynamics and Changes, Nova Science, New York, 137-163.
  • Fuller, I.C. (2012). Assessing Turitea sediment starvation: impacts of the Turitea dams on sediment characteristics in the Turitea Stream, Palmerston North. EnviroLink Report prepared for Horizons Regional Council, Report No. 2012/EXT/1278, ISBN 978-0-927189-83-5.              
  • Fuller, I.C. (2012). Defining characteristics of a river channel. Report prepared for Pacific Farms Ltd.
  • Fuller, I.C. & Lube, G. (2012). Silt runoff from Johnstone Drive. Report prepared for Pacific Farms Ltd.
  • Fuller, I.C. & Singh, R. (2012). Quantifying runoff from Johnstone Drive Gully. Report prepared for Pacific Farms Ltd.
  • streams in the southern North Island of New Zealand. New Zealand Geographer, 66, 14-32.

Short courses:

We provide papers at a number of different academic levels that are based around or contain a significant component of river science. These include: 145.222 Rivers and Slopes, 145.223 Climate Change and Natural Hazards, 145.327 River Dynamics, 145.304 Applied Field Geomorphology, 121.3xx Applied River Management, 145.705 Fluvial Geomorphology: Dynamics & Management. We would be very happy to consider delivering combinations of this material as a professional short course on demand. Please contact Ian Fuller or Russell Death ( if interested.

For all queries contact:

Associate Professor Ian Fuller and Professor Russell Death
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