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Recent Publications Utilising MMIC Resources


Abhilasha, Abhilasha; Kaur, Lovedeep; Monro, John; et al. Intact, Kibbled, and Cut Wheat Grains: Physico-Chemical, Microstructural Characteristics and Gastro-Small Intestinal Digestion In vitro STARCH-STARKE  2021  Article Number: 2000267  

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Luo, Nan; Ye, Aiqian; Wolber, Frances M.; et al. Effect of Gel Structure on the In Vitro Gastrointestinal Digestion Behaviour of Whey Protein Emulsion Gels and the Bioaccessibility of Capsaicinoids MOLECULES  2021 Volume: ‏ 26   Issue: ‏ 5     Article Number: 1379 

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Zheng, Mingjing; Ye, Aiqian; Singh, Harjinder; et al. The in vitro digestion of differently structured starch gels with different amylose contents FOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS 2021   Volume: ‏ 116 Article Number: 106647  


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