The Hopkirk Institute is situated adjacent to the School of Veterinary Science. It contains almost 4,000sqm of state-of-the-art laboratory space.  The mEpiLab, under the Directorship of Professor  Nigel French, is one of six laboratories located within the School.  The team housed in the Hopkirk comprises 28 academic staff, postdoctoral research associates, laboratory technicians and veterinary public health postgraduate students. 

The laboratory facilities include the following :

  • 500 sqm of floor space including PC2 and PC3 containment laboratories.
  • A PCR suite with both real-time and conventional PCR machines used for speciation and multilocus genotyping.
  • Specialist microbiological culture capability, including high capacity microaerophillic workstations.
  • Equipment for the enumeration of microbes, including a WASP II spiral plater.
  • Bionumerics software for the storage and analysis of molecular genotyping data.
  • Storage facilities, including -80oC freezers, for our extensive collection of archived material (bacterial cultures and DNA preparations).
  • Tissue culture for infectivity assays.

Advanced technologies, such as next generation sequencing and bioinformatics support provided by the Massey Genome Service, are accessed on-site within the Massey campus.