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Writing on both sides of the brain - Dr Helen Sword

Creativity is an essential intellectual skill, the wind beneath the wings of our research. In this session we will explore strategies for writing and thinking on both sides of the brain: intuitively as well as analytically, creatively as well as critically

Writing a thesis in Te Reo Māori - Professor Taiarahia Black

This presentation outlines the qualities needed to be able to produce a thesis in te reo Māori.

Polishing the thesis - Dr Natilene Bowker

Critical information, clues, and approaches you can adopt during the final stages of your thesis. This presentation is must for all students prior to submission and who are wanting to prepare a quality product.

Writing profiles and the PhD - Dr Lisa Emerson

Many students find writing an immense challenge. Idea’s do not always flow as they should and it is often difficult to get your ideas onto paper in a clear and succinct manner. Dr Lisa Emerson examines these issues and offers advice on how these challenges can be successfully overcome.

Referencing with EndNote - Spencer Lilley

An introduction to the EndNote application and how this can help with referencing your thesis.

Academic writing seminar - Dr Helen Sword

The seminar considers the various ways in which to improve writing skills, written communication, and academic outputs. It also examines how to shape and structure written material and how to select and arrange content.

Top tips for writing the thesis - Val Diggle

This presentation discusses approaches to "Writing the Thesis". In particular it addresses placing the thesis writing stage within the context of the research process, considers how writing the research proposal impacts on the writing of the thesis, and finally some tips for writing a standard 5 chapter thesis are offered.

Writing for oral presentation - Val Diggle

The presentation "Writing for Oral Presentation" introduces a number of general features of writing for speech, offers some tips for speaking with clarity, and suggests a sample structure for a 20 minutes 12 slide PowerPoint presentation.

Designing a good questionnaire - Professor Phillip Gendall

A good questionnaire is an essential component of any research involving a survey. In this presentation, Professor Phillip Gendall will discuss the principles of questionnaire design and explain how to design a questionnaire that elicits reliable information from respondents. He will discuss different types of survey questions and aspects of question wording, questionnaire formatting and questionnaire pre-testing.

Questionaire design ppt pdf

Recording of workshop

Assignment writing skills  - Dr Sam Peterson

At graduate level, average communication skills are not sufficient. Many poor assignment grades result from bad writing techniques rather then from lack of study.

Assignment Writing skills

Writing your thesis - Dr Sam Peterson

What should be in a thesis & practical aspects of writing theses. Structure, writing timetable, writing strategies, key components, software skills, management & conclusions.

Writing your Thesis PPT

Writing concisely and with clarity - Dr Juila Rayner

This workshop covered common writing errors and clarified appropriate grammar for academic writing.

Writing concisely and with clarity

Common writing errors: a comedy of errors in presentations workshop - Dr Sam Peterson

This workshop was designed for postgraduate staff and students who are supervising students. Using examples from the media from graduate student writing, it will show how lack of punctuation can result in the wrong meaning being construed. I will show corrections and suggest ways of avoiding common errors. I will also discuss errors of tense, place and time, verb and noun number agreement, correct use of numeral and units, personal pronouns, difficult words, tautology, pleonasm, things that are just wrong and lies.

Managing qualitative data - Dr Martin Woods

This workshop provides tips and tools on how to manage your data effectively. Essential guidelines for all researchers.


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