Other animals

Wildbase see a huge range of animals including bats, gecko, skinks, tuatara, sea turtles and marine mammals. They are admitted to hospital for a wide range of issues such as cold shock in a green sea turtle to nutritional deformities in young tuatara.


New Zealand has only two types of native lizards; gecko and skinks. They are protected species and often come to Wildbase through captive breeding programs.


The tuatara are an ancient reptile that is believed to be unchanged for 150 million years. This ancient being is susceptible to mammalian predation and are mostly found on off shore predator free islands.


Wildbase has worked with bats with trauma, rat bait poisoning and dermatitis. The two species are the lesser short-tailed bat, and the long-tailed bat. The bats are of high conservation priority and are classified as threatened. Bats are New Zealand’s only native land mammal!

More animal case studies

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