In New Zealand

Wildbase operates within the School of Veterinary Science at Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. 

Massey University has had a contractual relationship with Maritime New Zealand since 1998 for the provision of preparedness and response activities relating to Oiled Wildlife Response in New Zealand.

Wildbase specialises in the development and implementation of tailor-made oiled wildlife response strategies for industry and government, including oiled wildlife contingency planning and personnel development. 


Wildbase has worked globally with the oil and gas industry, global oil spill response organisations, international oiled wildlife response agencies, government and NGO groups to assist with the development and delivery of training and advice for oiled wildlife response.  This includes advice on personnel, response equipment, response facilities and the preparation of contingency plans.


Through the development of Country Wildlife Response Profiles, a joint program between Oil Spill Response and Sea Alarm, New Zealand is recognised as one of the most prepared countries for oiled wildlife response.   

Facilities and equipment

Wildbase supports facilities and equipment essential to oiled wildlife response. Facilities include:

  • Wildbase hospital
    • Functional wildlife hospital servicing New Zealand
    • Trained staff in OWR (veterinarians and veterinary technicians)
    • Training program for OWR 
  • New Zealand regional response kits - 16 in total
  • Fixed rehabilitation facility
  • Two mobile cleaning facilities
  • Mobile response trailer
  • Equipment for OWR field response and facility establishment


Wildbase assist with regional oil spill response exercises and provide input into exercises coordinated by Maritime New Zealand.

Wildbase also coordinate exercises as part of training programs and for the National Oiled Wildlife Response Team and regional wildlife responders. Wildbase can assist with the development of wildlife response exercises outside New Zealand.

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Wildlife reconnaissance as part of the Gisborne exercise 2012 at Wherowhero Lagoon

Coordinating field teams as part of Wildlife Recovery activities for an oil spill response, Wellington exercise at Pauatahanui inlet 2012

Community education is an essential part of being prepared for an oil spill