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Wildbase oil response team and design student create an innovating and award winning deployable rehabilitation pool 

Cameron Holder, a Massey University design student, along with Bridey White and Louise Chilvers from Massey Wildbase oil response team created the Dr Pow (Deployable Rehabilitation Pool for Oiled Wildlife). The new inflatable bird rehabilitation pool can be prepared for use in a fraction of the time, and is easier to transport than pools currently used. 

It has collected an international Red Dot design award, was named a national runner-up for a James Dyson Award, and is nominated for the Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Award. 

As everyone knows when oil and wildlife mix, everything is about time. The quicker wildlife can get treatment, the higher the animals' survival rates.  Holder and the Wildbase teams’ design would be able to significantly reduce the hands-on assembly effort needed by creating a design where the pool structure self-deploys once water is connected to fill the bladder. The Dr Pow is designed to be lighter (50 kilograms versus 150kg for the existing pools) and more transportable than currently used pools however still provide a safe environment for wildlife such as sea birds, penguins and seals after an oil spill. The carry box is has multiple uses being able to be used as a step for the pool or as animal housing when the pool has been deployed. The Dr POW design incorporates the latest veterinary and rehabilitation recommendations for ideal water flow jets and safety netting for wildlife. 

So where to now - we are hoping to attract funding to build a full scale prototype and further test the design both in NZ and overseas.